Actor Anthony Wong meets long-lost family, says father who left him knows he’s ‘a good boy’ now

Facebook account of 黃秋生Anthony Perry

It’s the gift of a lifetime he never expected to receive.

Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has finally found the family he never met, after social media users scoured the internet to help him.

The 56-year-old star, who has appeared in hundreds of films and performances, is known for his outspoken views.

Last year, Wong posted a photo of his Chinese mother and British father on Facebook, asking for information on his father, Frederick William Perry.

In an interview with BBC Chinese in February this year, Wong was quoted as saying that his father worked for the Hong Kong British government.

According to him, his father had left him and his mother when he was just four years old, and he has not seen him since.

But today, thanks to the magic of the internet, Wong, who now identifies as Anthony Perry on Facebook, has finally found his roots.

In an update posted on Mar 27, BBC Chinese reported that the veteran actor has finally reunited with his 74-year-old twin half-brothers.

The brothers, John and David, said they were on a cruise ship when they received an email from a cousin informing them of “a rather sensitive matter”.

Both brothers saw the photograph Wong had posted of his father, and immediately recognised the man in the photo.

“We were quite amazed about the whole thing,” John was quoted by BBC as saying.

Before long, both John and David were on a plane from Melbourne, Australia, to Hong Kong to meet with the half-brother they never even knew existed.

Unfortunately, Wong never got to meet his dad again because the senior Perry died in 1988.

While the brothers said they didn’t know why their dad had kept his other family in Hong Kong a secret, they added that their dad would’ve been “very, very pleased” about their reunion.

“We’d all be having a beer together, I can tell you that,” David said in a BBC video interview.

Meanwhile, learning more about his late father has been an out-of-this-world experience for Wong.

Describing the meeting as “amazing, impossible, a miracle”, Wong told BBC: “It’s like being struck by lightning.”

“I feel like some emotions and feelings have been awakened. I realised I actually have some things to be happy about.

Gifted with the peace of knowing his long-lost family, Wong said he felt like his dad was fulfilling a promise made to him a long time ago.

“Dad used to say in his letters that if I was a good boy, he would take care of everything for me.

“I think he knows I’ve become a good boy since then and he’s sent two brothers to me,” BBC quoted him as saying.