After durian fried eggs, Malaysian politician Ahmad Maslan makes strawberry fried rice – and gets savagely roasted on social media

The Pontian MP listed the ingredients for the dish as rice, onions, eggs, pepper, chili sauce, cabbage, salt, oil and halved strawberries.

First, he caused a stir with his recipe for durian fried with eggs.

Now, Pontian MP Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan’s newest unusual food pairing – strawberries with fried rice – has once again caused Twitter users, and even several MPs, to savagely grill him on social media over his “gross” creations.

The Umno minister shared a photo of his concoction on Sunday (Jan 13), calling it a “fun fried rice”.

He even listed the ingredients as rice, onions, eggs, pepper, chili sauce, cabbage, salt, oil and halved strawberries.

“It’s tasty… try it,” he added.

In the caption, he said that the fruits used in the dish were “special” strawberries he bought to mark the Cameron Highlands by-election, which is scheduled for Jan 26.

The district is famous for its strawberries, which grow well in the cool mountain climate.

Most netizens left comments of mild disgust on the photo, while some tagged celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, who is known to leave brutally honest opinions on photos of dishes he is tagged in.

Fellow MPs also ribbed Maslan about his dish – with Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin calling it a “gross” combination.

“I’m a hardcore supporter of Ahmad Maslan. But this is gross,” he said.

He also tweeted a photo of a pavlova at the minister, calling it “the right way to use strawberries”.

Even Youth and Sports minister Syed Saddiq joked that the dish was “a crime worse than 1MDB”.

Maslan, however, claims he was not the one who invented the dish. In a second tweet, he posted four photos of others’ dishes of strawberry fried rice.

“Why so intense?” he asked in his caption, adding that “creativity should not be limited”.

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