America’s third-biggest pizza chain, Little Caesars, is opening in Collyer Quay next month – and the cheapest pizza is just S$8

The chain’s classic pepperoni pizzas, which cost S$7.99, will be served to customers within 30 seconds. Calling ahead is not required, the company said.
Facebook/Little Caesers

Pizza lovers, rejoice.

You’ll be able to gorge yourself on slices from America’s third-largest pizza chain, Little Caesars Pizza, on Singapore’s sunny shores as soon as next month.

The chain, which started from a family-owned restaurant, has outlets in 23 countries. It will open its doors here in January 2019 at the Income at Raffles building in Collyer Quay, the company said in a press release on Monday (Dec 3).

It will also open its first outlet in the Philippines that same month.

The chain sells pizzas for take-away only. Prices range from S$7.99 to S$13.99.

Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars’ Singapore outlet will offer customers pizza within 30 seconds under its “hot-n-ready” service. Calling ahead is not required, it said.

“Hot-n-ready” will be available for classic pepperoni and classic cheese pizza, as well as “several other offerings”.

Paula Vissing, international senior vice president of Little Caesars Pizza, said the chain was expanding into Asia thanks to “strong growth in the food and pizza industries” and a rapidly growing middle class.

Singapore’s outlet will be run by a franchisee, Palm Tree Foods – whose owner, James Kodrowski, also manages other companies in the region, Little Caesars added.

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