An executive at one of Singapore’s largest IT retailers reveals the top 5 gadgets that get millennials excited

As we progress further into the digital age, it’s become more apparent that IT gadgets have become inextricably intertwined with our daily lives.

In fact, a recent survey conducted earlier this month showed that most of us probably won’t last more than a day without access to our mobile phones.

While smart phones have been seen as essential gadgets across all age groups for years, tech gadgets are increasingly infiltrating our lives in the form of watches, fitness trackers and robotic assistants.

Judging by how rapidly the industry evolves today, it is safe to say that the millennial generation is at the receiving end of most of the market’s newest and most cutting-edge tech.

So other than the newest iPhone or Android, what other gadgets seem to get their hearts pumping in anticipation?

Business Insider reached out to Ms Loo Pei Fen, chief marketing officer of Challenger Technologies, which runs, for some insight on the top five IT products that millennials look out for today.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Bluetooth devices

Favoured by busy go-getters, wireless devices are well-liked because they solve the issue of having to deal with pesky cables. Additionally, they connect to multiple devices simultaneously, so users won’t have to physically unplug from one device to connect to another.

According to Ms Loo, some of the more popular brands include the sleek and simple Jaybird range and designer audio electronics brand Bang & Olufsen.

Freedom wireless buds
Jaybird product page

Beoplay M5 wireless speaker
Bang & Olufsen product page

2. Power banks 

Ever rushed out of the home with only to be greeted with the dreaded “battery is low” alert on your phone?

We’ve all been there.

The need to charge one’s phone (and other gadgets) while out and about is why high-capacity power banks have been Challenger’s top selling products in recent years, Ms Loo says.

iWalk Extreme Trio 6000mAh Power Bank
Challenger product page

3. Touchscreen hybrids

Millennials lead a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle and their gadgets are reflecting their choices.

“Flat, touchscreen hybrids like the Microsoft Surface and Lenovo Yoga that toggle between being a workhorse and an entertainment tablet have become increasingly the norm,” disclosed Ms Loo.

These snazzy gadgets are portable devices that can function as either a laptop or tablet computer, with the added advantage of a touchscreen user interface.

Microsoft Surface Pro
Microsoft product page

Lenovo Yoga 900
Lenovo product page

4. Fitness trackers

In this age, not much of our lives can escape the smart revolution. Even our workouts are smart these days.

Being health-conscious means that millennials love having wearable fitness trackers tell them how healthy they’ve been. Some of the more popular brands you might have noticed at the gym include Fitbit and Garmin.

Alta HR
Fitbit product page

Vívosmart® HR+
Garmin product page

5. Drones

Drones are so popular that they were the highlight of the National Day Parade this year.

Considered one of the most resourceful and multipurpose innovations of this century, these devices are unmanned aircrafts controlled from the ground, or even pre-programmed to follow a certain route.

Although it’s primarily used in the military, commercial drones are available and they’re quickly becoming one of the trendiest gadgets millennials want.

That’s why whenever new stock arrives, brands like DJI and Parrot often sell out quickly, says Ms Loo.


Inspire 2
DJI product page

Parrot product page