An Italian athlete won the Venice Marathon but only after his competitors ran the wrong way

On Sunday (Oct 22),  Mr Eyob Faniel became the first Italian to win the Venice Marathon in 22 years.

But the unlikely victory was bittersweet as it followed a bizarre mistake which saw six leading runners taking a wrong turn after being led astray by a motorcycle guide, which cost them an extra two minutes, reported Time.

Faniel finished the race in 2 hours, 12 minutes and 16 seconds.

Crowd favourites, including Abdulahl Dawud, Gilbert Kipleting Chumba, Kipkemei Mutai and David Kiprono Metto, were leading the pack and were about 25 kilometres (16 miles) into the race when they made the victory-costing mistake, said Guardian.

They ended up doubling back to get back on track.

And of course, Twitter users called out a conspiracy theory. Some implied that the Italian organisers knowingly led the Kenyan runners in the wrong direction.

Twitter post by @korsen17

Twitter post by @Kenoderow

While others felt for the athletes who were misdirected.

Twitter post by @cer23

Either way, it’s fair to say that no one could have foreseen the mistake.

And if you don’t want to take our word for it, watch it for yourself:

Video posted by ITV News on Twitter