An outdoor smoking cabin that converts cigarette smoke into clean air just launched in Singapore: here’s how it works

The two ashbins in each cabin holds up to 3,500 cigarette butts, so they do not need to be emptied daily.
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New cabins being placed on Singapore’s streets are giving smokers a private place to light up while keeping non-smokers away from the harmful second-hand smoke.

Launched by aviation sales and logistics company Southern Globe Corporation (SGC) on Tuesday (May 21), Smoking Cabin SG is Singapore’s first outdoor smoking cabin with the ability to transform second-hand smoke emitted from cigarettes into clean air.

The first smoking cabin is located outside Fusionopolis, but the company isn’t stopping there.

Developer of Smoking Cabin SG Stefen Choo said: “Our plan is to deploy 60 smoking cabins all around the island by year end.”

In order to be more energy efficient, the temperatures in the cabins are kept between 25 to 27 degree Celsius, and the air conditioner is switched off from 10pm to 6am.

Choo decided to bring the idea to Singapore after coming across indoor glass cabins from Smoke Solutions, a Danish company that manufactures smoke cabins and filtration systems used in countries like Dubai, Japan, Kuwait and Denmark.

“I am a father of two and there are many occasions where my family has been inconvenienced by the presence of cigarette smoke,” Choo said.

This is how the smoking cabin works:

Three filters to remove smoke particles

Using the filtering system made by Smoke Solution, the cabin is fitted with a centrifugal fan that sucks cigarette smoke into its system.

The smoke is then passed through three different air filters: The first filter – the Pre Filter – removes large dust particles. The second filter – called the HEPA Filter – acts like an N95 mask to remove micron particles, while the third is an activated carbon filter that removes tobacco smells and chemicals.

Smoking Cabin SG

Motion activated to save energy

To consume less energy, the air filtering system is motion activated. Once a user leaves the cabin, the air filter continues to filter the cabin air for 15 more minutes before deactivating.

Additionally, the lights in the cabin turn off if no movement is detected for 10 minutes.

Fireproof ashtrays

The two ashbins in each cabin holds up to 3,500 cigarette butts, so they do not need to be emptied daily. Instead of oxygen, the ashtrays contain carbon dioxide, a dense air that will extinguish lighted cigarettes thrown into the bin immediately, reducing the chances of a fire hazard.

Smoking Cabin SG

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