The creator of ‘Angry Birds’ is backing ‘Making the Invisible, Visible’ — the striking photo campaign by The Salvation Army

Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Louis Ng, posing in one of the homes of a beneficiary.
Aik Beng Chia & imaginem

In a social initiative aimed at illuminating the plight of the less fortunate in Singapore, The Salvation Army has partnered a social startup for photography called Imaginem for “Making the Invisible, Visible”.

The campaign, which centers around taking pictures of Singapore personalities such as Member of Parliament Louis Ng and actress Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie in the homes or frequented locations of the impoverished, aims to raise S$150,000 (US$109,674) in donations to help beneficiaries from The Salvation Army.

The charity supports around 1600 beneficiaries a month, and according to The Salvation Army Singapore’s territorial secretary for personnel, Major Hary Haran, “94 cents of each dollar (donated) will be going to help out those who need it”.

The surreal photos, which are all in black and white, are taken by renowned photographer Aik Beng Chia and were actually inspired by a similar campaign done by The Salvation Army Finland.

Co-founder of The Food Bank Singapore, Nichol Ng, poses for a photo.
Aik Beng Chia & imaginem

The Finnish project featured famous individuals such as the creator of wildly popular mobile game “Angry Birds”, Peter Vesterbacka; and former Finnish president Tarja Halonen posing as homeless people.

Peter Vesterbacka posing as a homeless person in Finland.
The Salvation Army Finland

Vesterbacka has also lent his support to the Singaporean campaign, saying: “I was very happy to learn that Imaginem and The Salvation Army Singapore took the initiative to start a conversation about poverty in Singapore through the campaign, raising greater awareness about those who have less than us”.

The public can donate to the cause here.

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