Anthony Bourdain tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Singapore hawker centres are ‘a wonderland’

Anthony Bourdain introducing laksa to Anderson Cooper at New York’s Chomp Chomp.

If anyone has ever given you a judgmental look for sucking on a prawn’s head, rest assured – Anthony Bourdain approves.

The celebrity chef and food show host even shows CNN’s Anderson Cooper how it’s done on a promo for the season 10 premier of his show “Parts Unknown”.

The first episode, which aired on Oct 1 in the US, features Singapore cuisine.

In a short 3-minute clip published on CNN’s website, Bourdain and Cooper can be seen tucking into a bowl of laksa at New York’s Chomp Chomp restaurant with two bottles of Tiger Beer on the table.

Bourdain, who has been to Singapore multiple times, describes Singapore as a “big shopping mall – but hotter”.

He then goes on to show an impressive understanding of Singapore’s food culture.

Hawker centres, he says, are “a wonderland” of traditional and mutated cuisines. Describing Singapore’s hawker culture as one that is passed down through the generations, Bourdain adds that “chances are they (the hawkers) are pretty good at it”.

“You see people rich and poor pull up to these litle hawker stands, wait (in) line for and hour to get a $1.50 bowl of noodles – which from a foodie point is pretty cool,” he says.