Anwar Ibrahim denies rumours that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir is involved in a plot to stop him from becoming the next PM

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has claimed that rumours that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir is trying to stop him from being the next PM are false.
Facebook/Anwar Ibrahim

Mr Anwar Ibrahim has denied rumours that there are problems between him and Prime Minister (PM) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying that there is no scheme involving Dr Mahathir to stop him from becoming the next Prime Minister.

Recently, the Kapar MP, Abdullah Sani, claimed that Dr Mahathir and Council of Eminent Persons chief Daim Zainuddin were among those scheming to prevent Anwar from becoming prime minister, The Star reported.

Despite Dr Mahathir also admitting that he had to trust Anwar whether he “likes it or not”, Mr Anwar said that allegations of a rift between the two are not true.

Mr Anwar said: “I have advised Datuk Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid that such allegations are baseless and told him not to repeat the statement.”

The PKR president was at the proceedings in chambers before High Court Judicial Commissioner Faizah Jama­ludin on Monday (August 20) when he discredited the claims that Dr Mahathir was involved.

“It is baseless to associate Dr Mahathir’s name”, Anwar added.