Apparently, there is a 7-Eleven day – here’s how to score free satay onigiri and Slurpees on July 11

7-Eleven opened its newest store at Funan on June 28, 36 years after its first store opened along Upper Changi Road.

Singapore may be small, but it’s definitely not lacking – especially when it comes to convenience stores.

Most people, especially HDB-dwellers, are probably so used to seeing a convenience store in their estate that they don’t even blink when they see a new store pop up every so often.

7-Eleven, one of Singapore’s most commonly seen convenience store brands, has gotten so big that it has a total of 400 stores now.

In a statement, the brand told Business Insider that it opened its newest store at Funan on June 28, 36 years after its first store opened along Upper Changi Road. 

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The brand, which even has its own coffee line called 7Café and a range of localised ready-to-eat meals, even made Singapore the first country outside of Japan to carry the 7-Premium range of Japanese snacks.

In line with its birthday which falls on July 11, 7-Eleven will be releasing three new ready-to-eat Japanese-inspired food items: satay onigiri, takoyaki with chilli crab sauce, and salted egg tamagoyaki.

Here’s how much they’ll cost: chicken satay onigiri (S$2 each), salted egg tamagoyaki (S$2.80 each, S$5 for two), takoyaki with chilli crab sauce (S$S$2.80 each, S$5 for two)
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The food items, which are launched in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival, will only be available from July 10 to August 6.

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And out of the three special-edition items, at least one – the satay onigiri – will be given away for free with any purchase during 7-Eleven day on July 11.

Here’s the catch: only a small number of stores are running the promotion, although a good number of them are located in central areas of Singapore.

Here are the 10 stores where you can score a free satay onigiri with any purchase:


If you’re not going to be anywhere near any of these stores, don’t fret. Another freebie you can expect on July 11 is the store’s signature Slurpee drink.

The 20 stores giving away a free Slurpee with any purchase are:


And even after 7-Eleven day, some 7-Eleven stores will continue to give out free 7 Café, 7-Premium California raisins and the Mr Softee brand of soft-serve ice cream with any purchase on July 18, July 25 and August 1 respectively.

You just have to be at the right place, at the right time.

Here’s where to go:


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