Apple’s new AirPods Pro will hit Singapore Wednesday – and they cost up to S$140 more than the older model

Priced at S$379, the new AirPods Pro can be ordered on Apple’s online store starting Tuesday, Oct 29.

Apple fans will be able to buy the tech giant’s newest AirPod Pro in Singapore on Wednesday (Oct 30), the tech giant has said.

It is also available for online order via and the Apple Store app starting Tuesday.

Priced at S$379, the new earbuds come with a wireless charging case, and are S$80 more expensive than the regular AirPods with wireless charging case, and S$140 – or almost 60 per cent – more expensive than a pair of regular AirPods with non-wireless charging case.

They are also slightly cheaper in Malaysia, with a price tag of RM1,099, which works out to be around S$358 at the real exchange rate.

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According to Apple, the new AirPod Pro in-ear headphones are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive EQ and Transparency mode.

Active Noise Cancellation removes background noise by using two microphones combined with advanced software to continuously adapt to each individual ear and headphone fit.

The first microphone is outward-facing and detects external sound to analyse environmental noise. This is so the AirPods Pro can create an equivalent anti-noise that cancels out background noise before it reaches the listener’s ear. A second inward-facing microphone listens toward the ear so any remaining noise can be cancelled out, Apple said.

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Adaptive EQ automatically tunes the low and mid-frequencies of the music to the shape of the ear, while switching to Transparency Mode allows users to listen to music while still hearing the environment around them.

The new wireless earbuds are also “a new class of lightweight”, sweat- and water-resistant, and come with three different sizes of silicone ear tips, Apple said.

AirPods Pro also use a vent system to equalise pressure, minimising discomfort of the ears, it added.

Each charge provides five hours of listening time, although this is reduced to four and a half hours on Active Noise Cancellation mode.

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