Apple is making more huge iPhones, and it’s a terrible mistake

The iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 — both too big.

The iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 — both too big.

Apple this week announced three new iPhones, and they’re massive, including a half-pound model that is now the heaviest iPhone ever.

On Tuesday, Apple debuted the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the half-pound iPhone 11 Pro Max. The phones are about the same size as the iPhone XS – the 11 is 5.94 by 2.98 inches, about the size of the XR; the 11 Pro is 5.67 by 2.81 inches, in line with the XR; and the 11 Pro is 6.22 by 3.06, similar to the XS Max.

Clearly, rumors of a smaller iPhone launching at Apple failed to materialize at this time. And I, for one, am furious.

In July, I wrote an article decrying the trend toward oversize iPhones.

“I can barely hold my iPhone XR in one hand,” I wrote. “I’ve cycled through three PopSockets in three months, determined to find something to grasp. If I have a drink in one hand, half my phone is basically unusable, as my thumb cannot reach the far side of the screen (the letter A – so near, yet so far).”

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With the announcement of the supersize phones, it is becoming clear that I wasn’t alone in my desire for a smaller iPhone.

“Finger hovering over the button to buy a refurbed iPhone SE,” the director Barry Jenkins tweeted. “These phones gettin too big man should I do it? Will it even work with the new OS?”

BuzzFeed’s Venessa Wong published an article this week with the headline “Tim Cook Will Have To Pry My iPhone SE From My Cold, Tiny Hands.”

“The SE is worth hanging on to, for me at least, because it is Apple’s final small phone (and I prefer sticking with an Apple phone),” Wong wrote. “Its compact, 4-inch display – which was still in such high demand three years ago that Apple actually brought it back after focusing on bigger phones in 2014 and 2015 – now seems like a relic of the time before the Great Expanding.”

I, too, want to go back to that time before the Great Expanding.

Please, Apple – I know you didn’t respond to my request for comment this week or my request for comment on this in July, but if you’re listening, can you build a time machine for people like me with small hands? If not, can you at least consider crafting a phone of a reasonable size?