As expected, K-pop events dominated Twitter in 2018 – but you won’t believe what Singapore’s top retweet is

The social media giant released a study – #ThisHappened 2018: Landmark Year for Singapore on Twitter – last Wednesday (Dec 5).

Singapore has had a pretty thrilling 2018, to say the least. And of course, Twitter witnessed all of it.

The social media giant has revealed top moments in Singapore which Twitter users talked about in 2018, including a tweet which was retweeted the most number of times this year. And some of the results are surprising.

Here’s which Singapore moments kept people tweeting in 2018:

Top moments in Singapore’s Twitterverse

Twitter added up tweets with specific hashtags globally to decide which events and topics in Singapore drew the most buzz in 2018.

1. Hallyu (Korean wave) concerts (#BTS / #EXO / #GOT7)

The passion of K-pop fans is on a whole ‘nother level.

Most of the K-pop buzz generated this year was mainly because of two K-pop boybands – GOT7 and BTS.

Since BTS (@BTS_twt) announced a Singapore concert as part of their world tour, a total of 3.2 million Twitter conversations have followed in anticipation of the group’s concert in 2019.

Similarly, fans were elated when GOT7 (@GOT7Official) landed in Singapore for their Eyes on You world tour in August, tweeting about the boyband a total of 1.8 million times.

2. Trump Kim Summit (#TrumpKimSummit)

This comes as no surprise.

The entire world was watching when Singapore hosted the first-ever meeting between US President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. Nearly 4 million tweets on the topic were shared from Jun 1.

And when the world leaders shook hands, Twitter almost blew up with a spike of 5,200 tweets per minute.

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3. 33rd ASEAN Summit (#ASEAN2018)

Singapore, again, took centre stage as it hosted another significant event in politics this year.

Citizens around the world turned to Twitter for leaders’ perspectives, expert insights and to engage in the #ASEAN2018 conversations.

Over the three-day summit, nearly 2.1 million tweets were shared.

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The topic was also given a major boost when the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo (@jokowi) paid a surprise visit to a popular Indonesian eatery in Singapore.

This sparked close to 40,000 reactions from Twitter users.

4. Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix (#SingaporeGP)

Despite it being the 11th edition of the night race, sporting and music fans were still thrilled about the night race in downtown Singapore.

The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix fell on Sep 16 this year, and #SingaporeGP revved up over 1.1 million conversations, the highest-ever since the start of the night race in Singapore.

Driver Lewis Hamilton’s (@lewishamilton) pole lap live stream, and singer Liam Gallagher’s (@liamgallagher) nostalgic performance of classics such as Wonderwall and Oasis became one of the top most-talked-about moments on Twitter.

5. Crazy Rich Asians (#CrazyRichAsians)

And of course, the first Hollywood film set in Singapore, starring a mostly Asian-American cast, rounds off the top five.

The movie garnered over 350,000 tweets just over the opening weekend, making it the most talked about movie in August around the world.

Not only was it the first Hollywood film starring an all-Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club 25 years ago, there were also some familiar Singapore faces in the movie.

Singapore was not the only country buzzing about Crazy Rich Asians on Twitter. Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines were amongst the five top-tweeting countries, with the USA and Canada in first and fourth place respectively.

Most retweeted tweet

This may come as a surprise, but the most retweeted tweet in Singapore this year had nothing to do with celebrities, politicians or scandals.

Singapore’s golden tweet in 2018 was by Twitter user Syazwana (@nrsyazwana_), who shared her experience selling a textbook on online marketplace Carousell.

Instead of striking up a conversation with her to purchase the book, a student – who went by the Carousell username nix.jr – contacted her to ask if she could send images of specific pages.

“I left my textbook in school hahaha sorry this sound (sic) strange,” the student said.

The honest and unusual request struck a chord with many users who applauded the student for his wit and the seller for her graciousness

As a result, the tweet became Singapore’s most retweeted message this year, garnering 30,000 retweets and 15,000 likes.

Heck, even the Ministry of Education (@MOEsg) responded by praising her for being a Good Samaritan and sharing her tweet.

Here are the other significant tweets/Twitter moments in Singapore this year:

Most tweeted hashtags 

1. #Hallyupopfest – on the biggest Kpop music festival in Southeast Asia held from Sep 7 to 9.

2. #TrumpKimSummi – on the historic summit held on Jun 8.

3. #F1 – on the Singapore Grand Prix held from Sep 14 to 16.

4. #ndp2018 – on the National Day Parade held on Aug 9.

5. #MeToo – on the global movement which encourages women to voice out on issues relating to sexual harassment and assault.

Personalities with the most retweets

Singapore personalities engaged with their fans on Twitter over a variety of topics including politics, food and local events.


Highest activity on Twitter by brands

Singapore brands also took to Twitter to engage with their fans – from events, to contest giveaways.