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OCBC Bank simplifies account opening for MNCs in Singapore with new digital service

Setting up bank accounts for multi-national companies and large corporations in Singapore may no longer be so tedious.

Singapore restaurant’s S$15 birthday cake-cutting fee sparks debate – but it’s fairly common practice and some charge even more

One restaurant charges a whopping S$50 for patrons who ask staff to cut and serve a self-bought birthday cake.

A popular cheese tea chain with 200 stores in China is now in Singapore – and it all began with a whirlwind romance

The entrepreneur in her early 30s revealed that each Nayuki store generates an average monthly sale of around S$200,000.

6 common mental disorders affecting Singaporeans today and where you can go to get help

Here's where to seek help in Singapore, if you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from mental health issues.

1 in 7 people in Singapore have experienced a mental disorder – and some millennials are more susceptible to mood and alcohol-related ones

Some groups of Singapore millennials were more likely to suffer from mood and alcohol use disorders.

Almost half of Singaporeans aren’t getting enough sleep – and a shocking number still sleep with their ‘chou chou’

And around half of Singaporeans still sleep with their "chou chou".

Singaporeans are more satisfied with teleco services compared to 4 years ago, IMDA study finds

Most service providers also saw an increase in satisfaction with the competency of customer service officers this year.

As expected, K-pop events dominated Twitter in 2018 – but you won’t believe what Singapore’s top retweet is

2018's most retweeted tweet in Singapore has got nothing to do with celebs, politicians or scandals.