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EVA Air flight attendant calls for policy change in emotional press conference, after a passenger who took a dump allegedly demanded female crew wipe ...

While the flight attendants cleaned his bum, he allegedly let out moans, saying: "Mmm... deeper, deeper."

Some people were duped by fake alerts to computer viruses – and it cost them a total of S$28,000 last year

Received a virus warning on your computer? Be careful. It might not be real.

This photo of a Malaysian boy sharing a moment with his buffalo won a contest – and more photos of his life with the cattle are now stunning the...

The boy told NST that he was "not proud" of his new found fame, but "just happy because people used to put my father down for working as a buffalo breeder".

Singapore tops talent competitiveness index in Asia Pacific for the sixth consecutive year – here’s how it retained its spot

Asia is experiencing "a progressive erosion of their talent base", Insead said.

Tribecar is opening its S$2 car rental service to new drivers, just in time for Chinese New Year

Heads up, new drivers. This affordable car rental service could come in handy for CNY house visits.

Hawkers no longer need to wait for the next day to receive Nets earnings

Hawkers need not make any special arrangement as the same-day settlement initiative will automatically kick in.