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Singapore just majorly changed its rules on pet ownership, so people can adopt military doggos retiring from the force

After almost five decades, Singapore has finally lifted its strict national ban on keeping big dogs in public apartments.

Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad wants to raise price of raw water sold to Singapore by more than 10 times

Dr Mahathir had in recent interviews criticised the 1962 water deal as "too costly" and "ridiculous", and said Malaysia would approach Singapore to renegotiate the terms of the deal.

People are cooking meals on their cars to make a point about Japan’s hottest summer in a century

A photo of plastic drink displays in a cafe melting in the heatwave has been retweeted hundreds of times by Japanese Twitter users.

Singapore’s mythical Merlion beast makes yet another pop culture cameo — this time, in a We Bare Bears episode

More and more international creatives are being taken with the fictional, half-lion half fish statue that’s also the national mascot for island city Singapore.

AirAsia and Firefly flight attendants will get to keep the short skirts that Malaysian senators find ‘arousing’

The Malaysian government will not intervene in the uniform designs of two budget carriers deemed "too revealing" by senators.

Though the craze is over, Pokemon Go just broke its highest user record — here’s why

Pokemon Go is still going strong, with the number of app users even higher than during its 2016 craze.