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An Indonesian woman’s petition got a Shopee ad with K-pop group Blackpink pulled: ‘The clothes don’t even cover the thighs’

She said the group's "provocative" dance moves and skimpy outfits would send young viewers the wrong message that the "objectification of the female body (was) legitimate".

Over 10,000 orders have been made for Proton’s newest and first-ever SUV, made with help from Geely

"Maybe after this, the cars will be conceptualised, designed, tested and built as a truly 100 per cent Malaysian car," Mahathir said.

16 politicians from Sabah just quit Umno – and they could be leading the wave of MPs jumping ship to Mahathir’s Bersatu

”If they are supportive and didn’t do anything wrong in the past, we will accept them,” Mahathir said. 

Hackers gained access to a Singapore finance company and almost made bank transactions after a senior manager opened a phishing email

Hackers sent a senior manager a targeted email, containing his recent travel plans and meetings.

Singaporean millennials don’t have enough time to manage their finances – and it’s causing them immense stress, HSBC says

But people are probably also more likely to use spare time to check social media than manage their finances.

The iPhone XS was Singapore’s most-Googled gadget of 2018 – here’s what else people searched for this year

Here's what Singaporeans Googled most in 2018: politics, sports and Marvel superheroes.

2018’s seven biggest data scandals, ranked according to how disastrous they were

From governments to hotels to social media sites, no institution is safe.

Twitter is standing up for Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq after people criticised him for allegedly wearing RM4,000 shoes

Twitter users identified the shoes as Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in Off White.

Social media is in tears after an intellectually disabled man met his hero, Ultraman – thanks to his loving brother

"He doesn't even understand the story, but that's the only thing he knows how to enjoy."

Controversial vlogger Amos Yee, who was granted asylum in the US, has been banned from Facebook and Twitter for promoting paedophilia

Yee posted a message on Facebook offering free lessons to people on how to stand up for paedophiles.