A behind-the-scenes video shows Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s emotional ‘Endgame’ reunion, and it includes a heartwarming moment that didn’t make it into the movie

Robert Downey Jr., left, and Tom Holland in

Robert Downey Jr., left, and Tom Holland in “Avengers: Endgame.”

  • Robert Downey Jr. shared a behind-the-scenes video showing the emotional “Avengers: Endgame” reunion between Tony Stark/Iron Man and Peter Parker/Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland). The moment took place after the superheroes acquired the Infinity Stones and brought back the characters that were dusted in “Infinity War,” like the web-slinger.
  • Downey Jr. captioned the video: “Stark and Parker reunited… #Spidey senses tell me a few of you were hoping for this moment…”
  • The video shows Peter running over to Tony and rambling about being in space and vanishing “just a minute ago. He also asks Tony about his gray hairs, and the line didn’t make it into the movie.
  • Tony then interrupts Peter so he can hug him. You can also see the billionaire kiss Peter on the cheek during the embrace, which was also cut out of “Endgame.”
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