Bangkok looks set to be the No.1 destination for Singaporeans over the New Year’s Eve period: Expedia

While some Singaporeans may be looking forward to New Year’s Eve countdown parties and the firework displays over Marina Bay, others are planning on starting the new year abroad.

It’s not a new phenomenon but travel booking site Expedia Singapore analysed its 2016 flight demand data tracked from Dec 26 to 31 to tell us where people in Singapore went over the New Year’s Eve period last year.

And it’s not necessarily the nearest destination that’s top of everyone’s minds.

Last year, Tokyo topped the list as the No.1 destination to head to from Singapore, followed by Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei and Bali.

Destinations across the Causeway appeared further down the list: Kuala Lumpur was No.7 while Penang was No.13.

And the good news is, Asian destinations have some of the cheapest average ticket prices for flights during the festive period – with tickets to Kuala Lumpur being the cheapest of all, followed by Penang and Langkawi.

Here’s where Singaporeans went to last year over New Year’s Eve:

With just over a month to go before the New Year, Expedia has also compiled a list of most searched destinations this year, with Bangkok coming out tops.

Here’s where Singaporeans are looking to go to this year: