Barcelona’s Luis Suarez tried and reviewed Malaysian food – and apparently, he really likes satay

Luis Suarez tries satay in a new video for the Malaysia Truly Asia campaign.
YouTube screengrab

He’s one of the world’s top footballers with an estimated net worth of $40 million, so he’s probably seen and tried it all.

But Malaysia’s humble satay dish managed to put a bright smile on Luis Suarez’s face and left him wanting more.

“It’s really good, really,” said Suarez, who signed a partnership with Tourism Malaysia last year, of his chicken satay in a new video posted on the Malaysia Truly Asia YouTube account this week.

For the promotional video, the 31-year-old FC Barcelona forward tried out five of Malaysia’s most well-loved foods – roti canai, satay, char kway teow, nasi lemak and popiah.

While he had good reviews for all the dishes, the spiciness of the popiah made him cough and reach out for a drink.

Not to worry Luis, next time, just order your popiah without any chilli and you’ll be just fine.