BenQ just unveiled a game-changing digital, interactive ‘whiteboard’ – it even measures air quality

Jeffrey Liang, president of BenQ Asia Pacific, launched the new interactive flat panel on Nov 20.
Sean Lim / Business Insider

Find meetings boring and lessons draggy? Taiwanese technology company BenQ claims that it has a solution.

On Tuesday (Nov 20), the electronics maker introduced a spanking new flat panel which boasts interactivity – including allowing users to write, draw, annotate, digitally add images and sticky notes, and even conduct presentations directly from a mobile phone.

The new RP interactive flat panel comes in three sizes – 65-inch (S$$6,999), 75-inch (S$$8,999) and 86-inch (S$$12,999) – and looks like an ordinary television screen, but with high-tech features that could potentially make it a game-changer.

“The shift towards digitisation and ‘bring-your-own device’ (culture) has transformed conventional classroom-style teaching methods as well as traditional meetings held at the office,” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific.

Trends show that in future, an increasing number of organisations and educational institutes will start to adopt integrated and future-proof solutions such as the interactive flat panel display to stay digitally collaborative, Liang said at the launch event held at Singapore’s Chijmes.

BenQ, which has recently been known more for its top-selling projectors, also launched a few other new devices alongside the interactive flat panel. These include a full line-up of dustproof laser projectors, and a new generation wireless presentation device called the InstaShow WDC20, which allows users to connect up to four devices at a time.

The BenQ RP series interactive flat panel, which is like a super high-tech whiteboard married with a display screen, seems like a major effort by the brand to step-up its game in the display sector.

Here are the most interesting features we discovered on it:

1. Air quality sensor

Indoor air quality can affect concentration and performance of people, and the addition of a sensor is meant to boost meeting and learning efficiencies by helping users deal with that.

A sensor that measures indoor carbon dioxide concentration levels has been built into the panel. The indicators, which are displayed on the panel’s homepage, tell users when air quality is low, moderate, high or very high.

2. Cloud Whiteboard


The company calls this feature the “perfect brainstorming platform”. With this function, businesses can consolidate, edit and share ideas between the panel and mobile devices.

Users can simultaneously contribute to the canvas by adding their own ideas.

Sticky notes, annotations, writings and an image on the panel.
Sean Lim / Business Insider

Users can unleash their creativity in presentations by drawing on the panel with their fingers, specially designed pens, or even an ordinary paintbrush.

Sean Lim / Business Insider

Scanning a QR code on the screen allows you to transfer whatever is on the panel to your mobile device.

Sean Lim / Business Insider

There’s also a tool to cast a spotlight or a laser beam on the screen to direct the audience’s attention to a particular area of the screen.

And no, external laser beams do not work on the screen as the panel absorbs light, Business Insider was told.

Sean Lim / Business Insider

3. Germ-resistant screen

Not only does the panel have a germ-resistant coating, but also an anti-glare feature.
Sean Lim / Business Insider

After a long day in school or at the office, people’s hands are bound to be covered in all sorts of germs and bacteria.

For hygiene purposes, the interactive panel comes with a germ-resistant screen. There’s no need to fret over the spread of germs at work with the screen’s multi-layer coating of non-toxic long-lasting ionic silver nano agent that BenQ says can kill most bacteria on contact.

4. Account Management System

The Interactive Flat Panel also comes with a cloud-based software designed to manage and store user profiles and history.

Just like a personal desktop, users will need to set up their profiles just once and the device will remember their preferences each time they log in to the system.

Passwords are also not needed because users, such as the staff of a company, can log in with BenQ’s near-field communication cards. This means presenters no longer need to carry around bulky laptops and devices.

This system also enables IT staff in the company to efficiently manage various user logins and users’ data access.

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