The 11 best law schools in the Midwest

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Business Insider recently released its ranking of the 50 best law schools in America, which highlights the top institutions that prepare students to land highly coveted jobs in the legal world.

But apart from job prospects, location can play an important role in deciding which school to attend, too. A number of the schools on our list are located in the Midwest – University of Chicago even claimed the No. 2 spot – so we whittled our list down to shine a light on the heart of the country.

Pulling from our overall law school ranking, we’ve compiled a list of the best schools in the Midwest, as defined by the US Census Bureau. Our methodology drawsdata from the American Bar Association and focuses on the percentage of graduates who land full-time, long-term, highly coveted jobs, which includes positions at big law firms that pay well – those with over 251 employees– and federal clerkships. Read more about our methodologyhere.

Continue on to see the 11 best school law schools in the Midwest.

Additional reporting by Kaitlyn Yarborough.

11. University of Kansas

University of Kansas School of Law/Facebook

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 10%

Bar passage rate: 86%

Median LSAT score: 156

Law students at the University of Kansas can complete dual-degree programs in several areas, including business, journalism, and communications. Tuition for the public school is the third-lowest on our list at $35,328.

10. University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska College of Law/Facebook

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 6%

Bar passage rate: 90%

Median LSAT score: 156

For students interested in subjects outside of law, the Nebraska College of Lawoffers eight joint degree programs where students can earn their master’s in subjects such as journalism, business, and community planning. The school also boasts a high success rate for the bar exam, with 90% of graduates passing on the first try.

9. University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Law School/Facebook

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 33%

Bar passage rate: 84%

Median LSAT score: 164

The University of Notre Dame law school encourages students to extend their education outside of the US and offers several opportunities to study abroad, including stays at Notre Dame’s programs in London, Chile, or Italy. Grads join the ranks of successful alumni, such as Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan and Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano.

8. University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin Law School/Facebook

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 11%

Bar passage rate: 100%

Median LSAT score: 161

A full 100% ofUniversity of Wisconsin Law Schoolgraduates pass the bar on their first try – the highest pass rate of any school on the list. The school also stands out for its approach to teaching, using “law in action” as its guiding principle. Students learn not only what laws mean, but also how they change, adapt, and evolve over time.

7. University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Law/Facebook

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 19%

Bar passage rate: 85%

Median LSAT score: 164

TheUniversity of Minnesota Law School‘s libraryholds one of the largest collections in the nation, with over 1 million volumes. The curriculum promotes experiential learning and offers 24 diverse clinical programs that more than 50% of students use to gain real-world experience with clients.

6. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa College of Law/Facebook

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 18%

Bar passage rate: 87%

Median LSAT score: 161

The University of Iowa College of Law is one of the most affordable choices in the top 25 of our list, with an annual tuition for nonresidents of $42,021 and estimated living costs of $16,892 per year. The school’sCitizen Lawyer programencourages students to promote public access to justice and law through pro bono work and community service.

5. Ohio State University

Ohio State University Moritz School of Law

Location:Columbus, Ohio

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions:16%

Bar passage rate:93%

Median LSAT score:159

Ohio State’s Moritz College of Law is one of the top public law schools on our list. It offers over 175 courses and seminars,and students studying for their JD have the opportunity to choose from over 20 different specialties. Ohio State was also ranked by US News & World Report as the No. 1 school fordispute-resolutiontraining.

4. Northwestern University

Northwestern Law/Facebook

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 67%

Bar passage rate: 87%

Median LSAT score: 168

Out of 4,095 applications, thePritzker School of Lawenrolled just 213 students – 5.2% – for the 2015-16 academic year. The private institution was founded in 1859 and is renowned for its competitive admissions, with70% of entering studentspossessing at least two years of full-time work experience.

3. Washington University in St. Louis


Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 32%

Bar passage rate: 86%

Median LSAT score: 167

Post-graduation, a full 100% ofWash U Lawgraduates who were seeking a job secured one last year, with 76% of those positions requiring a law degree. This can be chalked up in part to Wash U’s myriad of opportunities for students to gain real-world experience, including a selection of nine externship opportunities, 18 clinical courses, and six trial teams and moot courts where students can put their skills to the test.

2. University of Michigan

University of Michigan Law School/Facebook

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Percent of graduates with highly coveted positions: 56%

Bar passage rate: 93%

Median LSAT score: 168

Michigan Law possesses a rich historical background. Three US Supreme Court justices have attended the school, and one of its graduates became the first woman with a law degree to be admitted to the state’s bar in 1871. Michigan Law is the second-highest-ranked public school on our list.

1. University of Chicago

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