The best 2020 planners for students and professionals

  • Whether you like monthly, weekly, or daily calendar options, a paper planner is an essential tool for keeping your life organized.
  • The best 2020 planner for most people is the Panda Planner with its simple layout and motivational structure that helps you achieve your goals.
  • If you’d like to make your planning and organization a bit more high-tech, check out our guide to the best smart notebooks.

Self-improvement is a big business. Who doesn’t want to get fitter, richer, more successful – or just be happier? But to achieve all these things, you’ve got to get organized. Despite the fact that most of us have some form of electronic calendar on our phones or computers, many people still rely on their paper planning agenda to keep their lives running smoothly.

I’m one of those people. And while I do switch up the brand sometimes, I’m committed to using a planner that breaks down the calendar by the week. Seeing one day at a time – or the whole month – just doesn’t work for me.

Some people choose to start fresh with a new planner in January. Others – particularly college students, teachers, and parents – often opt for a 16-month calendar that starts in August or September.

These days, planners usually come with much more than just calendars. In fact, many of the best-selling planners promise to provide you with a whole new lifestyle with features that help you set goals, get inspired, make plans, and keep track of your progress. We’ve picked out the best planners for everyone, from students and teachers to parents and professionals.

Here are the best 2020 planners:

Prices and links are current as of 2/18/2020.

The best overall

Panda Planner

The Panda Planner promises to keep you on track to achieve all your goals and it comes with free inspirational ebooks.

Michael Leip founded the Panda Planner system to try to get his life back on track when he found himself mired in anxiety and depression after suffering from Lyme Disease, cancer, and traumatic brain injury. The system, which he says is based on scientific strategies for achieving productivity and happiness, worked for him. He is so sure that it will work for you, too, that he offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

So what do you get? A planner with monthly, weekly, and daily sections where you organize your life in writing and also record the things you are grateful for. There is an area to focus on your daily affirmations, exercises, and priorities. In addition, you get free access to six different ebooks and a video series to help you quickly hit your goals.

This 5.25-by-8.25-inch book, made of natural materials, has an undated calendar that is intended to be used for three to six months. You fill the dates in, so you can choose if the week starts on Sunday or Monday.

Across the web, professional bloggers and reviewers, including those at Inc. and Wonder Mom Wannabe, tout the many benefits of the Panda Planner.

Pros: Unique system, light and portable, six free ebooks, high-quality paper, money-back guarantee

Cons: It is only good for up to six months

The best for teachers


An affordable and sturdy Blue Sky planner can help you stay organized in school – and in life.

The popular Blue Sky planner comes in several sizes and styles. Two of the most common sizes are 5-by-8-inches and 8.5-by-11-inches. The resilient cover is built to last for continued use throughout the year.

The entire planner is printed with soy-based ink on 50% post-consumer waste recycled paper and it’s sturdy. Durable coated tabbed dividers are also long-lasting and make accessing information a breeze.

The Planner features full monthly view pages, as well as separate pages with full weekly views for more detailed planning. There are also previous and next month reference calendars. Handy note pages allow you to jot down last-minute thoughts or details.

There are also dozens of designs, whether you want something classic and solid-colored, a floral print, or a fun geometric pattern.

Fans of the Blue Sky Academic Year Planner tout the attractive design and great format. Around the web, professional bloggers, including those at Pretty Neat Living and Wendaful, love Blue Sky Planners.

Pros: Attractive design, sturdy cover and construction, affordable, great format

Cons: Some users note that the lines on the pages are too close together to write easily

The best for students


The Mead Planner will help you remember all your homework assignments.

Mead Planners are great for students because they are affordable and available in many options; they can look simple and grown-up, or young and fun. They’re also split up into weeks and have handy academic charts in the back for reference.

The company makes academic and regular planners that span either calendar years or academic years. You can choose between spiral and bound planner styles. Most of the planners have both weekly and monthly views of the calendar. As for the covers, they come in plain or with graphics.

The reference pages are tucked into the front and back of the planners for easy access. Some of Mead’s planners are spiral bound but the wires are covered with sturdy cloth to ensure that the wire doesn’t snag on anything. The planners come in small and large sizes to suit your needs.

Pros: Simple design, academic charts, good layout

Cons: Certain designs are spiral-bound which may snag

The best for setting goals

Passion Planner

The Passion Planner offers lots of motivational extras that will have you feeling passionate about your to-do list and your life.

The Passion Planner started in late 2013 as a Kickstarter project. Founder Angelia Trinidad was suffering from “feelings of emptiness” after graduating from college. Her answer? Create a tool that would allow herself, and ultimately others, the ability to define their goals and dreams and then break them down into actionable steps.

So what’s inside this 210-page, 8.5-by-11-inch faux-leather black book? Start with the Passion RoadMap. It kicks off with an exercise that helps you define and create actions for your goals in three months, one year, three years, and throughout your life. Weekly layouts, as well as annual and monthly overview calendars, keep you organized, while monthly reflection questions and inspirational quotes keep you focused on your progress.

There is also a “Space of Infinite Possibility” where you can take notes, draw, create, write, or brainstorm. Smooth, extra-thick paper makes it fun to write in this planner.

Pros: Motivational, unique concept, high-quality paper, lightweight

Cons: It doesn’t come with tabs to easily open to pages

The best for your desk

Malarie Gokey/Business Insider

The Hashi Weekly Planners Pad is about the size of a keyboard, so it’s perfect for using at your desk.

If you want a planner for your desk, look no further than the Hashi Weekly Planners Pad. This cute weekly planner is about the same size as a keyboard, and it’s meant to sit at your desk where you work. You could take it with you, but it is a long slim rectangle that’s not ideal for shoving in your bag.

It contains enough pages for 60 weeks of planning and it’s undated, so it will last until you run out of paper. Instead of dates, you see a Monday through Sunday view. Hashi used 12 fun patterns for the paper, so as the weeks go by, you’ll see roses, airplanes, geometric prints, florals, and even pineapples on the predominantly pastel-colored pages.

There’s no monthly view, so if you need that, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This is the perfect planner for using at your desk in addition to another planner or the digital calendar on your computer screen.

I use mine next to my desk to plan out articles for the week, but I imagine it’d work just as well for homework assignments or what have you.

Pros: Weekly view, cute designs, lots of space, undated so it lasts, many pages

Cons: Might not be ideal for carrying around, no monthly view

The best stylish planner


Erin Condren’s super-stylish LifePlanner series will keep your life in beautiful balance.

Erin Condren’s beautiful LifePlanner comes in several different gorgeous colors and patterns. You can get it in a variety of layouts to suit your needs.

The planner includes quote pages, mini-month spreads, goal setting pages, weekly spreads, lined pages, dot grid paper, and blank pages for note-taking. Each month is tabbed, so you can easily flip through to look back at all the things you’ve accomplished or ahead to upcoming events.

Condren also added a folder and a pouch to the planner so you can hold important documents inside your planner with everything else. The biggest appeal of Erin Condren’s planners is the design. The planners are feminine, colorful, inspirational, and super Instagrammable.

Pros: Beautiful and stylish, hardbound, high-quality paper

Cons: Expensive

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