The best safety glasses

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  • No matter what kind of DIY projects you tackle at home, you need a good pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes.
  • The NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses are our top pick because they are extremely comfortable and provide a high level of protection.

Whether you are performing important tasks around the home or at work, if materials or liquids are flying around, you need to wear safety glasses. From minor irritants like sawdust to extremely dangerous materials like acids and everything in between, safety glasses will keep your eyes protected.

Now for the problem. Most of us don’t wear safety glasses when we’re working on projects. I liken it to knowing we should all eat vegetables and spend plenty of time exercising every day, yet we’re scarfing nachos on the couch and staring at the TV more often than we should.

If you’re someone who tends to leave the safety glasses behind when it’s time to do some work, we have some good news for you. Safety glasses are more lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and affordable than they’ve ever been. You don’t really have an excuse, and protecting your eyesight is key.

The dangers of not wearing safety glasses include temporary or permanent vision loss from corneal burn, abrasion, or penetration, according to EHS Today. When looking for safety glasses, Safety Glasses USA says you should look for ANSI Z87 certification at the minimum. This provides protection against liquid splashes and impacts.

OSHA, which is part of the US Department of Labor, offers certifications that involve workplace and industrial standards. Many safety glasses that meet OSHA standards are specialty glasses, rather than standard safety glasses made for residential users. OSHA lays out its standards for different types of safety glasses on its website, and if you’re using these glasses at work, you may need OSHA certified glasses.

All About Vision highlights some ANSI safety protection markings to look for, including a plus sign, which means the safety glasses have passed a high-velocity impact test; an S designation, which means the safety glasses have special tinting or shading for working with molten metal; and a V mark, which indicates a type of photochromic lens that will darken when used outdoors and remains clear when used indoors.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up all the best safety glasses you can buy for any task. Whether you need high-end safety glasses, a pair of goggles, or a more affordable pair of safety glasses, we’ve got you covered – literally.

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The best safety glasses overall


The NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses offer professional-level protection and they even fit over prescription glasses.

If you’re lucky enough not to need corrective eyewear, you haven’t had to deal with the hassles of wearing eyeglasses. The sting of that “four-eyes” nickname never goes away. Sure, we’re appreciative of prescription glasses, because they give us sharp vision. But the hassles of wearing them are real, too.

Finding just the right safety glasses to accommodate your prescription glasses is another challenge. Over-spectacle safety glasses must fit comfortably over your prescription glasses, while also giving you the protection you need.

The NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses will protect your eyes and prescription glasses (if you wear them) from chemical splashes, dust, and other flying objects. These safety glasses have ANSI Z87 and OSHA certification, so they will work for a variety of jobs.

You can obviously wear these safety glasses if you don’t need prescription glasses. One buyer named Kristi says these glasses rank among the most comfortable over-spec safety glasses she has ever encountered.

The Sander Solutions review says these NoCry safety glasses will work with almost any prescription glasses, although some large frames may cause trouble. Even though these safety glasses are designed to fit over the top of your current glasses, they do not cause any distortion like some others, according to The Gear Hunt.

However, a few owners of the NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses say these glasses can cause scratches on prescription lenses over time, so it’s something to think about.

Pros: Fits well over a variety of types of prescription glasses, will provide protection against a number of materials, does not cause distortion for your vision, offered at a reasonable price

Cons: May cause scratches on the lenses of prescription glasses, don’t fit well over large prescription glasses

Buy the NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses on Amazon for $12.99 (originally $11.99)

The best inexpensive safety glasses

Bison Life

The affordable Bison Life Safety Glasses will keep your eyes safe from splashes and most materials.

There are times when you need the sturdiest, most impact resistant safety glasses around, whether to meet the regulations of your workplace or to protect you when performing dangerous work. But there are other times when you just need a simple pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes because you’re not working with dangerous chemicals or materials.

The Bison Life Safety Glasses are a great idea for people who just need basic protection on a budget. You’ll receive a 12-pack of safety glasses for a very low price. When you need to provide simple safety glasses to a group of visitors or students at a low price, having a lot of pairs on hand is a smart idea.

Now, these safety glasses don’t fill OSHA requirements. They are made of polycarbonate, which provides only the most basic level of protection and lacks a lot of comfort, so we wouldn’t recommend wearing them for long periods of time. But if simple protection is all you need, why pay a much higher price for higher levels of protection when something simple will do the trick?

One owner who goes by Cycletronic says having several of these safety glasses on hand is a good idea for someone who loses safety glasses regularly. These Bison Life glasses offer clear vision, but they do fog up in some circumstances. Another Amazon reviewer says these Bison Life Safety Glasses are surprisingly comfortable, especially considering the low price tag.

However, another buyer DCDC says several glasses in the set that shipped had defects that affect the clarity of the vision the glasses provide, causing headaches. This Amazon reviewer agrees, saying these glasses cause headaches after long periods of time.

Pros: Extremely inexpensive price for a set of 12 safety glasses, provides basic protection from splashes and simple materials, one size will fit all ages, works well for large groups

Cons: Not made for meeting OSHA standards, can cause headaches when worn too long, glasses arms can be uncomfortable

Buy the Bison Life Safety Glasses 12-Pack on Amazon for $12.79 (originally $12.90)

The best goggle-style safety glasses


The DeWalt Safety Goggles have plenty of air vents to prevent fogged up lenses, and they’re very comfortable.

Goggle style safety glasses aren’t always going to give you more protection than traditional style safety glasses, but they sure look like they should. If you want to get great eye protection, the DeWalt Safety Goggles deliver.

This pair of safety goggles has a polycarbonate lens for ANSI protection, as well as UV protection. However, these goggle style safety glasses do not meet OSHA standards.

You’ll appreciate the injected rubber in the frame of the goggles, which makes them comfortable to wear. It also creates a tight fit that will conform to your face. The goggles have wide vents so your lenses don’t fog up.

Power Tools Insider likes the level of protection the DeWalt Safety Goggles provide. One buyer named Joe agrees, saying the tight fit allows you to feel comfortable and know that you’ll be protected in all kinds of working conditions.

In its review, the Woodworkers Guild of America says the DeWalt goggles will make your face feel hot, but they give you a clear view of your surroundings in all directions.

One buyer named Summer says the goggle fits comfortably over her prescription glasses, making it a good option for people who wear glasses.

The only downside here is that the ventilation holes are almost too large, and they allow debris to fall into the holes if you’re working on something above your head. Additionally, the strap for the goggle can be too tight to fit comfortably on some people.

Pros: Great looking protective eyewear, goggle style allows these glasses to mold to your face for a comfortable and tight fit, polycarbonate lens yields a clear view in all directions, reasonable price point

Cons: Strap can end up fitting too tightly, does not meet OSHA standards, debris may fall in vent holes

Buy the DeWalt DPG82-11 Safety Goggles on Amazon from $9.35 (originally $11.64)

The best stylish safety glasses


If you don’t need the highest level of protection and you want some style, the Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear is the answer.

For safety glasses to work well, they need to be made of high-quality materials that will protect your eyes from debris in the air and from impacts. But they also need to look good enough that you’ll actually be willing to wear them.

You’ll love the multitude of lens and frame colors you can choose from with the Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear. These glasses look more like a pair of sunglasses than safety glasses. The glasses do have UV protection built into the lenses to protect you when you’re working in sunny conditions.

The Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear isn’t going to give you a ton of protection, as these glasses don’t meet OSHA standards. But for simple jobs, they’ll look great while protecting your eyes and giving you ANSI Z87 level protection.

These safety glasses have a rubberized nose pad that make them fit comfortably, according to Best Cheap Reviews. One owner named William Scheidegger agrees, saying these safety glasses are comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

With the UV protection built into the lenses, the Pyramex Avante safety glasses double as very effective and stylish sunglasses, according to one reviewer who goes by the name Character Counts.

However, several Amazon reviewers are disappointed in the lens material, which seems to scratch easily.

Pros: Safety glasses you’ll love to wear with multiple frame and lens colors, provides some protection from the sun as well, lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, good price point

Cons: Doesn’t provide a high level of protection, lenses may scratch easily

Buy the Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear on Amazon from $6.93 (originally $8.38)

The most comfortable safety glasses

Jackson Safety

If one-size-fits-all glasses never fit, the KLEENGUARD Calico V50 Safety Eyewear comes with interchangeable temples and headbands to create a very comfortable fit.

Most pairs of safety glasses are one-size-fits-all, but that means that some people will inevitably have a bad fit. The KLEENGUARD Calico V50 Safety glasses let you adjust and swap out some parts to get a more comfortable fit.

These safety glasses have adjustable and interchangeable temples and head straps, ensuring you can make them fit just right for your needs. There’s also additional padding in the area near your eyebrows, which helps cushion any bumps from the frames. You’ll like the vents that allow for air flow to prevent fogging of the lenses.

These safety glasses meet some ANSI, CSA, and EN166 standards, but they do not meet OSHA standards.

The comfort level on the Jackson Safety glasses means you can use these safety glasses in a variety of situations, including on the shooting range, when biking, and for numerous home projects, according to owner Sunbakd1.

Another buyer named Kerry Hale loves using the V50 safety glasses in a workshop because the yellow tint on the lenses yields a sharp focus in your vision for reading the tape measure, and the venting on the frames ensures the glasses won’t fog up during use.

Pros: Extremely comfortable fit, includes interchangeable parts that you can use to create a personalized fit, yellow tint can help sharpen your vision in some circumstances, compares nicely to higher priced models

Cons: May not perform well in all cold weather conditions, don’t meet OSHA standards

Buy the KLEENGUARD Calico V50 Safety Eyewear on Amazon for $9.99 (originally $10.62)

Key things to know about safety glasses


As Safety Gear Pro discusses, the different types of materials used in the lenses of safety glasses will give you different types of protection.

Safety glasses made specifically for resistance to solvents will feature an acrylic lens. However, acrylic doesn’t provide the clearest vision, nor are acrylic lenses overly durable.

NXT polyurethane glasses will have a high price point because the material provides excellent impact resistance and optical clarity. Meanwhile, using glass in safety glasses lenses is great for providing visual clarity and scratch resistance, but glass is very heavy and expensive.

You’ll also find polycarbonate lenses in many basic safety glasses for use at home. These lenses are lightweight, provide impact resistance, and protect against UV rays. Polycarbonate doesn’t provide the visual clarity of other lens materials, though.

If you work around dust, concrete, building materials, glass, chemicals, molten metal, thermal hazards, bodily fluids, and blood, you need safety glasses, according to the University of Wisconsin’s study.

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