The best shower heads you can buy

  • Shower time should be relaxing, and your choice of shower head plays a huge role in making your shower more soothing.
  • Some people love a rain-style shower, while others want a strong, pulsing jet to massage sore muscles.
  • That’s why the Moen S6320 Two-Function Rain Shower Head is the best you can buy. It can switch between both types of shower styles, depending on your mood.

The rush of prepping for work or school can almost make you feel relieved to jump in a car and sit in rush-hour traffic, listening to two DJs tell bad jokes and play weird sound effects. But before fighting through the commute, it’s time for rushing around, looking for the right outfit, figuring out which overnight emails you were expected to answer before 4 a.m., and wrestling with which flavor packet to plug into the coffee maker. There is one time when you can actually relax – in the shower.

Sure, you might have to shorten your shower after you hit the snooze alarm three times, but the shower stall is still your sanctuary where no one can bother you, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

To ensure that your shower is as relaxing as it can be, you will need to make some choices about the kind of shower head you want to use. You might be surprised at how many shower head options are available.

Modern shower heads work differently than older shower heads, so there are quite a few advantages to purchasing a new shower head. An older shower head’s interior often was a cavity that filled with water, forcing the water through the tiny nozzles, meaning the individual nozzles had very little water pressure. A newer shower head has individual channels that feel the nozzles, increasing the ability to deliver water pressure.

With all of the different options and features in shower heads, you can pick exactly the type of shower you’d like to have, including rain-style, pulsing jets, or steady spray.

  • Full body: Full body shower installations include nozzles throughout vertical length of the shower stall, rather than just one nozzle at the top of the stall. Although these are really nice designs for a shower, they’re a bit beyond the scope of this list because of the special installation and high expense required.
  • Handheld: Some shower heads fit inside a clamp near the upper pipe, but then disconnect so they can be held in your hand at the end of a flexible hose, allowing you to direct the water spray for more efficient cleaning, as Kitchen Bath Guides explains.
  • High pressure: Some shower heads include high-pressure jets. By turning a ring, these shower heads often provide different spray patterns as well as massage settings.
  • Rainfall: Some showers offer big shower heads that release a lot of water, almost like rainfall. They usually don’t offer the water pressure or pulsing options of other shower head designs.
  • Specialty: Newer shower heads have some interesting specialty features. Some include a built-in wireless speaker inside the shower head, allowing you to sync your smartphone to the speaker to play music or audio. Some include LED lighting that makes it fun to shower.

Finally, Consumer Reports says you must pay attention to the type of installation required for the shower head you pick. Some shower heads will simply screw onto the water pipe that sticks out of the bathroom wall, which most people can handle themselves. Other shower heads require you to tear up drywall to install some components. Understand that you may need to hire a plumber to complete the job, so think about this added cost when purchasing a shower head.

Here are the best shower heads you can buy in 2019:

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The best shower head overall


Unlike most rain-style shower heads, the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain 8-inch Shower Head also offers a surprisingly powerful jet spray.

Most rain-style shower heads don’t offer any other type of water delivery. However, the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain 8-inch Shower Head is able to deliver both rain and jet spray styles in one shower head.

The shower head is a great size for a rain-style shower head, and the Moen S6320 also offers immersion technology, which allows for a concentrated jet spray.

A Great Shower says the rain-style shower is amazing and highlights how the shower head uses 100 nozzles to create a rain-like shower. However, the advantage of this shower head is that it can also act as a high-pressure jet spray shower when you want to switch things up.

Buyers on Amazon gave the shower head high ratings, with an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5. One Amazon customer reviewer is impressed with the water pressure the S6320 provides.

Of course, it is an expensive shower head, costing more than $100 on Amazon. However, when you take into account that it originally cost $252.90 when Moen introduced this shower head, it’s a substantial discount. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Pros: Versatile shower head, 100 nozzles for rain-style shower, jet style setting provides surprising water pressure level, four finishes available, 8-inch shower head is great for rain-style setting

Cons: Longevity is questionable, price is high

Buy the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain 8-Inch Shower Head on Amazon for $187.99 to $341.40 (price varies based on color)

The best budget shower head


The Delta 75152 Single Function Shower Head’s extremely low price point and good water flow make it a good choice for those on a tight budget.

There’s nothing that particularly stands out about the Delta 75152 Single Function Shower Head, but it does provide a good all-around performance level at a really low price point. According to the Green Energy Helps review, the Delta 75152 can deliver water flow of between 1.85 GPM and 2.5 GPM, which is a good level for most people.

The Beyond Shower review says the 75152 shower head is easy to install. One Amazon customer was disappointed in the all-plastic design of the Delta shower head, which ended up causing some leaks immediately after installation, but it seems to be a rare occurrence.

Pros: Extremely low price, good water flow level, extremely easy to install, two jet spray settings, two water flow settings, includes H2Okinetic water droplet technology

Cons: All-plastic construction materials affect longevity, some customers reported immediate leaks

Buy the Delta 75152 Single Function Shower Head on Amazon for $19.99

The best rain-style shower head


The low-priced WaterPoint 8-inch Rain Shower Head delivers an impressive amount of water pressure and water volume for a rain shower.

If you’ve hesitated to purchase a rain-style shower head in the past because of concerns over high water usage, the WaterPoint 8-inch Rain Shower Head contains a flow restrictor that limits the shower head to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You can remove the restrictor if you’d like more water flow. Depending on how you use the shower, removing the flow restrictor may actually help you spend less time in the shower.

Of the customers who left reviews on Amazon, 90% are largely satisfied by their purchase (4 and 5 stars), giving the shower head a 4.5-star rating. Perhaps the best thing about the WaterPoint Shower Head is its low price, which makes it another great budget option.

Pros: Delivers a large volume of water, very low price, good water pressure for rain-style shower head, large 8-inch shower head, restrictor inside shower head cuts water usage to 2.5 gallons per minute

Cons: Air intake yields noisy shower head, some plastic in construction

Buy the WaterPoint 8-Inch Rain Shower Head on Amazon for $25

The best high-pressure shower head


If you prefer a massaging jet of water during your showers, the Speakman S-2252 Signature Anystream High-Pressure Shower Head is a great option.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the gentle rain-style shower heads, the Speakman S-2252 Signature Anystream High-Pressure Shower Head will be more your style. And, if you’ve stayed at hotels, you’ve most likely encountered a similar Speakman shower head already.

This high-pressure shower head delivers either 2 or 2.5 gallons of water per minute, using six adjustable jets that produce 48 individual sprays. Even those with low water pressure at home will receive high-quality results with the Speakman Anystream model. It delivers just the right amount of pressure – enough to massage some tired shoulder and back muscles.

The Shower Remedy review says the self-cleaning nozzles in the Speakman shower head are a great feature. The Best Shower Heads highlighted the S-2252’s longevity, thanks to its brass construction.

On Amazon, one buyer liked the water pressure the Speakman S-2252 delivers and says it’s easy to remove the water restrictor from the shower head for even greater water flow. However, another Amazon customer didn’t like that the shower head has no jets in the center, which left a cold spot in the jet spray.

Pros: High-pressure jet spray even in households with low water pressure, adjustable jet sprays, self-cleaning nozzles, six finishes available, both 2.5 and 2 gallons per minute water flow shower heads available

Cons: Higher-than-average price, no center jet

Buy the Speakman S-2252 Signature Anystream High-Pressure Shower Head on Amazon for $68.49 to $115.70 (price varies based on color)

The best high-efficiency shower head


If you’re truly interested in cutting your water usage, the High Sierra All Metal Low Flow Shower Head is a great choice, limiting water flow to 1.5 GPM.

Most shower heads offer a water flow setting of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). Some even conserve more water, reducing the flow to 2 GPM. But if you’re truly serious about saving water – and saving money on your water and water heating bills in the process – the High Sierra All Metal Low Flow Shower Head is the answer. This High Sierra shower head reduces water use to an impressive 1.5 GPM.

Tririg‘s reviewer found the High Sierra delivers just the right amount of water pressure. One Amazon customer agreed, saying the difference between the spray generated by an older 2.5 GPM shower head and the High Sierra 1.5 GMP shower head was not noticeable, despite the lower flow.

The Shower Champ highlighted the construction, which is primarily metal as well as a high-quality plastic in the spray restrictor area, which ensure longevity.

However, low-flow shower heads aren’t for everyone. If you like a luxurious shower experience, you won’t want a low-flow model like this one.

Pros: Delivers good water pressure, saves money on your water bill, four colors available, great price point, primarily metal construction

Cons: Smaller water stream, extremely small shower head nozzle area

Buy the High Sierra All Metal Low Flow Shower Head on Amazon for $39.95 to $49.95 (price varies based on color)

The best handheld shower head


If you need some flexibility in your shower head, the 6.5-foot stainless steel hose on the ShowerMaxx 6-Spray Detachable Handheld Shower Head delivers.

The ShowerMaxx 6-Spray Detachable Handheld Shower Head can double as both a fixed shower head and a handheld one that you can use to direct water where you need it most.

As an added benefit, the ShowerMaxx handheld shower head offers six different spray settings along with a 4.92-foot stainless steel hose that stretches to more than 6.5 feet, providing plenty of versatility. It also has a 4.5-inch diameter shower head to offer plenty of water coverage with a 2.5 GPM water flow. You can remove the water restrictor ring for more water flow, too (at the risk of higher water bills).

The flexible hose, which stretches over 6 feet, works great for bathing pets. One Amazon reviewer agreed, saying this handheld shower head is perfect for both pets and small children.

The Simple Toilet reviewer liked the ShowerMaxx handheld unit but pointed out that the shower head is difficult to install. Additionally, one Amazon customer was disappointed with the mostly plastic materials in the ShowerMaxx head’s construction.

Pros: Good price point, hose stretches to more than 6.5 feet, plenty of water coverage for most people, easy-to-use handheld unit for pets and children

Cons: Mostly plastic construction, difficult to install

Buy the ShowerMaxx 6-Spray Detachable Handheld Shower Head on Amazon for $45.97 to $59.97 (price varies based on color)

The best LED shower head


The DreamSpa AquaFan 12-inch LED Shower Head has a LED light that changes color to indicate the temperature range of the water.

The DreamSpa AquaFan 12-Inch LED Shower Head isn’t just for emitting mood lighting. The LED light provides a smart purpose: helping you see exactly what the water temperature is before you step into the shower stall. No longer do you have to suffer through stepping into an icy stream or hot lava of shower water!

The LED light is blue when the water temperature is below 95 degrees, green when it’s below 109 degrees, red when it’s below 122 degrees, and flashing red when the water is above 122 degrees.

There’s also a tiny LCD screen that displays the exact water temperature. No batteries are needed to run the LED, as it runs completely from water pressure and should last about 100,000 hours.

The 12-inch shower head provides a rain-style water flow, which the Shower Tips review calls peaceful. One Amazon customer also appreciated the good water flow coverage area.

However, a few Amazon reviewers mentioned that the DreamSpa AquaFan shower head emits a whining noise when in operation, so be warned.

Pros: Lights indicate water temperature, 12-inch shower head provides rain-style water flow, good water flow, no batteries required

Cons: Shower head emits a whining noise, price is a little above average

Buy the DreamSpa AquaFan 12-Inch LED Shower Head on Walmart for $58.11

The best combination shower head


You don’t have to choose between a mounted and handheld shower head when you have the 3-way 2-in-1 combo from Hydroluxe.

While there are plenty of convertible shower heads that combine the ease of a mounted shower head with the flexibility of a handheld unit, there aren’t quite as many options that actually offer you both at the same time. But the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Combo does just that.

A top seller on Amazon, this shower head allows you to choose from a total of 24 full and combined water flow patterns, turning your daily shower into a veritable choose your own adventure.

On the main shower head, you’ll find a little knob that will allow you to direct water to one or the other head, or if you’re ready to get pampered, to both. Of course, you can continue to adjust the knob throughout your shower, offering yourself different water and setting combinations.

The heads each come with five settings, which include Power Rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Water-saving Economy Rain, as well as a Pause function. And thanks to this shower unit’s large four-inch face, you’ll be getting powerful jets of water throughout your shower – and better still, from two heads.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this particular Hydroluxe offering is how easy it is to install. While some other shower heads purport to be DIY but are, in fact, meant only for expert installation, I found that the Hydroluxe lived up to its easy installation promise.

Indeed, that seems to be a common opinion on Amazon, where more than 7,000 customers have given the shower head a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. Most noted that they were able to install the shower head in less than five minutes, and thanks to the included tape, you won’t have to worry about leaks or other drippage.

Despite the relatively low price of this shower head, the water pressure is still quite decent, particularly if you take the step of removing the flow control device. If you do elect to have water coming out of both heads simultaneously, you may experience a drop in pressure, though this is to be expected. – Lulu Chang

Pros: Easy installation, great value for the price, two-for-one design makes for a luxurious shower

Cons: Plastic construction

Buy the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Combo on Amazon for $24.99

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