The best men’s slippers

  • With a fine pair of slippers on his feet, a man can relax around the house in comfort or step outside to grab the paper or some logs for the fire.
  • We considered insulation, materials, tread design, and more as we chose the best slippers.
  • The UGG Ascot Slippers are our top pick because they’re warm, supportive, and long-lasting.

I’ve had the same pair of UGG slippers for six years now, and despite the fact that I wear them around the house almost daily during the winter (I even wore them away from home for a while, before I accepted the fact that slippers really don’t belong beyond the property line), they remain in superlative condition.

Before finding the UGG slippers, I had a pair of traditional backless clog-style slippers. I can’t recall the brand, but I do remember quite clearly how nice it was to be able to step into them with ease. While you need to use your hands or spend a good twenty seconds of wiggling to get your feet into the UGGs and other similar shoe-like slippers, the clog variety slides right on. They also fall off much more easily, expose more of your foot to cold air, and offer minimal protection against the snow, ice, gravel, flora, and other such things you might encounter if you step outside.

The point, as you surely gather, is that a pair of slippers that might be perfect for one gentleman might be a poor pick for another man. In an era of slippers heated via microwave or USB connection and novelty slippers approximating the look of everything from a dinosaur’s foot to Chewbacca’s face, it can be hard to cut through the clutter and consider just a few fine options for warm, cozy leisure footwear. That’s why we’re here.

The five slippers in our guide all have at least two things in common: They will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Beyond that, each pair offers its own perks, no gimmicks involved.

Here are the best men’s slippers you can buy:

Updated on 12/17/2019 by Jen Gushue: Updated “affordable slippers” picks, links, and formatting.

The best men’s slippers overall


Thanks to a thick suede exterior and durable rubbers soles, a pair of UGG Men’s Ascot Slippers will last you for years even if you wear them like a pair of normal shoes, and they’re lined with soft, warm sheep’s wool.

I’ve owned a pair of UGG Ascot slippers for six years. Years ago, I researched the men’s slippers thoroughly before giving them a shot, and my frequent use has confirmed how durable and comfortable they really are.

It’s hard to tell whether this is more of a shoe with a few slipper-like attributes or a slipper with some shoe-like qualities. They offer every bit as much heel impact absorption, arch support, bridge and toe protection, and even traction as many casual pairs of shoes I own. They also stay on the foot as well as many lace-up shoes, despite the fact that they slip on.

To be honest, though, “slip-on” is something of a misnomer here. Until these slippers are well broken in, you’ll have to pull them on using both hands, and even after that, you still have to work your foot around some to get them on.

Thanks to the support and protection mentioned above and due to the durability and water resistance of the thick leather exterior of these slippers, one can be forgiven for wearing them out in public like a shoe. The Ascots are at their best, though, when reserved for wearing around the house and during short excursions onto the porch or driveway or down the hall at your apartment building or dorm.

They are about as warm and cozy as any footwear you’re likely to find and feel great when worn with or without socks. And when they are limited to indoor and moderate outdoor use, I can tell you with firsthand certainty that these slippers will last for years and years.

Pros: Amazing durability, comfortable and supportive, suitable for wearing like regular shoe

Cons: Hard to put on until broken in

The best slippers for warmth


The Sorel Manawan Slippers encase your entire foot up to the ankle in a warm, soft lining made of wool and faux fur.

The Sorel Manawan Slippers have an appearance similar to that of a traditional moccasin. Its exterior is made from soft, flexible leather that helps the slipper gently embrace the contours of your foot.

The sole is made from a pliant strip of rubber that offers modest protection should you step outside in these slippers. The excellent comfortable padding is great on interior surfaces like hardwood, tile, or laminate. The slippers have a rise that reaches above the ankle, offering more coverage and warmth than the average slipper, with scoops carved out that mitigate any pressure put on the actual anklebone.

It’s what’s on the inside that really counts here, though. The Manawan slippers have a thick lining made up of a blend of wool and artificial fur. This liner creates maximum warmth retention, yet it still allows your feet to breathe, reducing the chance of sweat that can lead to foot odor. A removable EVA insole adds support and comfort and further enhances the insulation.

While the rubber sole can absorb moderate impacts, it offers very little in the way of traction, so these slippers are best worn indoors only, and certainly not in icy conditions should you venture outside in them.

Best Choice Reviews notes how these slippers “come up higher than most slipper styles to offer warmth all the way up to the ankle.” A article featured the Manawan slippers, noting their “fine materials” that create “comfort and warmth around [the] entire foot.”

Pros: Extra warm thanks to quality lining, removable insole adds comfort

Cons: Minimal traction on sole

The best for indoor/outdoor


The Slippers International Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers slip on and off with ease and are perfect for all-day wear during lazy days spent inside, but their thick rubber sole provides plenty of traction and protection for trips to the mailbox.

When you slip on the Slippers International Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers, you’ll notice a few things right away. First, you’ll find that your feet feel great thanks to the memory foam cushioning of the footbed. Second, you’ll notice that your feet are nice and warm thanks to the shearling lining within the slipper. And third, you’ll find that you have sufficient traction and impact absorption for stable, comfortable walking over all sorts of surfaces, both indoors and outside.

The Tamarac Cody slippers are easy to pull on using the loop connected to the back of the collar, and they stay securely in place thanks to elastic goring wedges set where the tongue meets the upper. The soles don’t have an aggressive tread pattern such as you might find on trail runners or hiking boots, but the varied texture of the rubber grips onto tile, concrete, hardwood, and other flat terrain you will commonly encounter within and nearby a residence.

If you dislike cold feet and hate the idea of changing out of your slippers into shoes every time you need to head outside for a few minutes, then these slippers are a great solution.

Fur Slipper Reviews called these slippers “well-designed” and highlighted their “tread for indoor and outdoor use,” adding that they “provide ample warmth”

Pros: Sole suitable for outdoor use, comfortable memory foam footbed, snug and secure fit

Cons: Sizes run small and no half sizes available

The best affordable slippers

J.Crew Factory

The J.Crew Factory Faux-Shearling Moccasins offer all the warmth and protection of some of the more expensive slippers on the market at a fraction of the cost.

If budget is your main concern when buying a good pair of slippers, you can rest assured that the J.Crew Factory Faux-Shealing Moccasins have your back when it cold outside. J.Crew Factory is J.Crew’s outlet store, which often sells highly affordable merchandise that may be more simply styled or basic than its parent store offers. The quality, however, often stays true to the reputation of the brand. These slippers are no exception.

The faux-shearling liner will keep your feet cozy and dry, while the textured rubber sole will ensure you won’t slip on tile floors or during your quick trip to take the trash out.

Our favorites have a tartan pattern on a cotton upper. The cotton construction offers a bit more breathability than some of the other picks on our list, but it also leaves you more vulnerable to moisture seeping through to your feet.

If you prefer a more classic suede construction, J.Crew Factory offers both a black and a brown option. While you won’t get the breathability that the cotton version offers, you’ll be better protected from the elements. Opt for these if you live in a snowier environment and find yourself outside in your slippers often.

Pros: Very affordable, cozy faux-shearling lining keeps your feet warm and cozy

Cons: The slippers run a half-size small.

The best moccasin-style slippers


Minnetonka’s Sheepskin Moose Slippers are toasty and warm, thanks to genuine sheepskin inside and real moose leather on the outside.

Minnetonka started as a roadside gift shop in 1946 and became a worldwide fashion must-have during the 1980s Urban Cowboy trend thanks to its Thunderbird Moc. Since then, the company has become famous for its slippers and moccasins. The Sheepskin Moose Slippers were a big hit with Insider Picks guides reporter Owen Burke.

“I’ve casually eyed Minnetonka’s slippers over the years, but having lived in tropical and sub-tropical climates for the last decade or so, have had little need for slippers. Coming to New York changed that in a flash. As the season’s changing and mornings suddenly have a little bite to them, slippers are a must for easing into the day, particularly if you’re like me – which is to say, not lavishly lush in the pockets – and you don’t have heated floors.

Wearing the Sheepskin Moose Slipper is a delight. The (genuine) sheepskin lining seems to hold up better than other slippers I’ve had, and I’m a big fan of the cross-stitching and black dye. The rubber sole does enable you to wander outside into modest terrain, but I might recommend against it.

These slippers, on the whole, are indoor shoes, and it’d be a shame to tarnish them on one measly trip through mucky brown snow and grit just to retrieve the morning paper or walk Spot (your dog),” he writes in our group review.

Pros: Genuine leather, warm sheepskin, classic moccasin design

Cons: Indoor only