The best men’s wallets

  • Whether you need to carry a ton of cash or prefer mostly cards, Insider Picks has you covered with our guide to the best men’s wallets.
  • While our favorite is the Bellroy Slim Sleeve, each wallet on this list is a solid option for holding onto your cards and cash.

I’ve always been obsessed with finding the “perfect” thing. Whether it’s travel shoes, credit cards, flashlights or something else, I’ve always tried out different versions of each one, returning and getting the next one on my list until I found what best fit my needs and preferences.

Wallets are no exception. I think I’ve tried out more wallets than I can count. To be fair, it’s hard to find a “perfect” wallet for every situation. In the winter when you’re wearing a heavy coat, you can keep a hefty wallet in a breast pocket, while in the summer you need something that can fit in the pocket of a pair of jeans or shorts. If you’re going to a wedding or meeting, you might want something that keeps a slim profile in a suit, while you might also need something that can fit cash for tipping at a bar or valet.

Meanwhile, where you live, work, and how you commute can make a big difference, too. Do you feel comfortable keeping your wallet in a back pocket, or do you worry about pickpockets? If you live in a city with a metro or commuter rail, do you need something that lets you have quick access to a transit card?

Insider Picks’ choice for the number one wallet is the Bellroy Slim Sleeve. Of course, we realize that different people have different needs, so we’ve researched and tested plenty of other options. Below, take a look at the best men’s wallets you can find for under $100.

Here are the best men’s wallets you can buy:

Updated on 1/28/2020 by Amir Ismael: Updated prices, links, and formatting.

The best men’s wallet overall


The gorgeous Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet fits everything you need in a slim, efficient profile.

Bellroy is a relatively young company that released its first product in 2010. Founded by a few friends in Australia who set out to design optimal wallets in terms of size and card positioning, Bellroy has since released several different series of wallets for just about any use. You may remember seeing some of those wallets mentioned on Insider Picks before.

The Slim Sleeve wallet is built using Bellroy’s “nude” approach, focusing on eliminating as much excess material as possible to keep the profile slim. There are no buckles, trimmings, snaps, buttons or fasteners. The only materials are leather and thread, with as little of each used as possible.

The bifold style can hold up to 12 cards plus cash. It has a total of four pockets: three for cards, one for bills. The two quick access card slots inside the wallet are perfect for your everyday credit card or commuter pass – I can pull my subway card out without having to take the wallet out of my pocket.

As far as materials go, the Slim Sleeve is excellent. Bellroy is a certified “B Corp,” a designation given to companies that meet rigorous standards for “social and environmental performance.” What this means is that Bellroy sources its leather and materials ethically and sustainably. The leather is high-quality top grain, soft yet sturdy, and comes in several different colors.

Pros: Slim, sleek, holds a lot, ethically sourced leather, simple design

Cons: You have to fold bills to fit them in

The best minimalist wallet


The Nomatic Slim Wallet uses a clever design to hold the basics, takes up as little space as possible, and keeps the essentials easy-to-reach.

Nomatic got its start on Kickstarter when cousins Jon Richards and Jacob Durham designed their minimalist wallet and crowdfunded its production in 2014. The Kickstarter campaign was a runaway success, and they met their fundraising goal of $10,000 in just a few days. By the end of the 30 day pledge period, Richards and Durham had more than 6,100 backers pledging $171,315. Since then, Nomatic has evolved to offer a few different products, as well as expand production.

The Nomatic Slim Wallet has a little more going on than its name might suggest. Built from medical-grade elastic and canvas, it doesn’t even look like it can hold a credit card until you stretch it to fit – but the key to this wallet is how you load it. Nomatic actually made a video showing you the most efficient way to use it. In each of the two card pockets, it’s best to keep your most-used cards on the outside of the stack of cards. That way, you can get to them quickly. The wallet holds up to 15 cards, and Nomatic suggests putting at least four cards in it so that everything stays secure.

Pros: Minimalist, holds a lot considering its size, fun colors, easy access with pull tab

Cons: Only holds a little bit of cash, which has to be folded twice

The best wallet for cash

Rogue Industries

The Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet is the same shape as a jeans pocket, so it’s comfortable to carry and has a low-profile.

When you first see the Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet, you might be a little taken aback. It looks a little bit like a fin or flipper, rather than a wallet. That’s because Rogue Industries designed it to fit perfectly in the front pocket of your favorite pair of jeans. Go ahead and put it in your pocket pointing down – you’ll see.

Unlike many other front-pocket or minimalist wallets, the Rogue front pocket has a full-sized compartment for cash, meaning you don’t have to fold bills before putting them in. Because it’s bifold, the wallet has three credit card slots on one side when it’s open and an ID window on the opposite side. Each card slot is designed to hold up to two cards.

Pros: Fits comfortably in front pocket, can fit cash without having to fold it

Cons: Relatively limited space for cards

The best wallet for lots of cards


Simple, straightforward, and built to last, the Saddleback Front Pocket wallet will serve you well for years to come.

If you just want something simple, straightforward, and high quality, consider the Saddleback Front Pocket ID Wallet. It’s a single-unit, small, flat piece of leather that’s designed to be as thin as possible. With a 100-year warranty, it’s also built to last.

The Saddleback wallet has pockets on both sides and is constructed from full-grain leather, lined with pigskin, and sewn with marine-grade thread. On one side, the Saddleback wallet has two pockets for credit cards. Once you break the wallet in, each pocket can hold up to five cards. Be careful, though. When you add a new card to a full-grain leather wallet, the pocket stretches and molds to fit the card. That means that if you want to go back to carrying fewer cards, the pocket will be loose and cards may fall out.

When you flip the wallet to its other side, it has a side entry pocket with an ID window. You can also put a transit pass in here – that way, you can easily pull it out while leaving the wallet in your pocket.

Pros: Slim, incredibly durable, built to last

Cons: Only fits a small amount of cash, needs to be broken in

The best money clip


More than just a folded piece of metal, the M-Clip V Series will last a long time and will never lose your cash or cards.

Money clips are so simple that you might not realize there is much difference between them. However, which clip you pick can mean the difference between having a money clip that bends or stretches after six months and starts dropping your cash, or one that lasts a lifetime.

The M-Clip V series falls into the latter category. More than just a simple folded piece of metal, the V series has an opening mechanism. To add or remove something, you just slide the lever bars back, making the clip look a bit like a clothespin. You pinch them to open the clip, and when you’re done, slide them back down to close it.

The V Series money clip is a little bulkier than some flatter clips, but it makes up for that by using a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. The spring mechanism is made with precision-machined stainless steel and is heat tempered to add to durability. The inside of the clip is padded with Neoprene rubber grips – between these and the opening mechanism, there’s virtually no chance of anything falling out of the clip. M-Clip says you can hold six-to-eight cards and at least eight-to-ten bills, which should be plenty for any need.

Pros: Minimalist, holds a lot, well-built, great customer service

Cons: Bulkier than some money clips

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