‘Billions’ star David Costabile on how he takes care of Wags’ signature mustache, and what people yell at him on the street

David Costabile as Mike

David Costabile as Mike “Wags” Wagner on “Billion”

  • David Costabile, who plays Mike “Wags” Wagner on Showtime’s “Billions,” revealed to Business Insider last year how he takes care of Wags’ signature twisty mustache.
  • “There’s a double dose of waxing a day,” Costabile said – and he does it all himself.
  • He also revealed the fan reaction after the first season aired when he knew that “Billions” would be a hit.

Showtime’s “Billions” is back for its fourth season, and so is Mike “Wags” Wagner, the loud-mouthed COO of Axe Capital. Wags has one of the best mustaches on TV, and it’s especially known for its curl.

While talking to Business Insider in August the actor behind Wags, David Costabile, revealed that getting the perfect “Wags mustache” involves a lot of waxing.

“For the twisty mustache, there’s a double dose of waxing a day,” Costabile said while promoting a “Better Call Saul” cameo last year. “There’s a wax in the morning and a wax throughout the rest of the day. Two separate waxes.”

And Costabile does it all himself.

“I’m in charge of the ‘stache and the goatee,” Costabile said. “They’re precisely measured and calibrated. Can’t go too far, can’t go too small. It’s got to be Wags length.”

When asked how often “Billions” fans approach him in New York City, Costabile said it happens a lot on Wall Street and at Grand Central. But there’s one fan reaction in particular that sticks out in his mind. After the first season had aired, Costabile said that a garbage man in his neighborhood shouted enthusiastically at him.

“A guy collecting garbage was driving by in my neighborhood and he leaned out and yelled, ‘Yo, I love your f—ing show, you’re the best f—ing character on TV!'” Costabile said. “At that point I was like, ‘Wow we’ve got a hit. When this guy is screaming out at Wags, that’s when you know.'”

“Billions” is currently airing its fourth season Sundays at 9 p.m.