Biometric payments attractive for Singaporeans who just want to forget PINs and passwords


When it comes to ensuring secure transactions, Singaporeans are keen on using biometric identification methods, a new survey has found.

In a study conducted by Visa, 97 per cent of 500 Singapore consumers said they were interested in using biometric methods to verify their identity, while 96 per cent said they would like to use such methods for making payments.

For most, biometric methods represent the elimination of passwords and PINs.

As many as 41 per cent also said that biometric authentication is more secure compared to passwords and PINs as they can better confirm individual identities.

Out of those surveyed, 88 per cent said they had used fingerprint recognition, 56 per cent had tried out facial recognition, 50 per cent had used iris scanning, and 49 per cent have had experience with voice recognition programmes.

Clealry, fingerprint recognition is the top choice of biometric authentication for Singaporeans. In fact, 51 per cent of respondents said they used fingerprint recognition on a regular basis.

Currently, one in five Singaporeans use fingerprint authentication or facial recognition from their respective banks or mobile phone providers, Visa said.

Up to 89 per cent said they would use biometric payments when making large online and offline purchases of over S$100, while 81 per cent said they would do the same for offline payments involving public transportation and fast food restaurants.

Noting that Singaporeans are early adopters of technology, Mandy Lamb, group country manager, regional Southeast Asia for Visa, said that more people are expected to adopt biometric authentication methods in future.

Out of the minority who have not used biometric authentication methods, 91 per cent stated that they would be likely to use fingerprint or facial recognition authentication from their banks in future.