Births in 2017 the lowest in last 7 years and 2 diseases accounted for more than half of deaths last year: ICA

The ICA has released data on the birth and death rates in 2017.
The Straits Times

Recent data released by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has revealed that the number of births in Singapore fell to 39615 in 2017, a 4% decrease from 2016 in which 41251 births were recorded.

This was the lowest number of births since 2010, when 37967 births were recorded by the Department of Statistics.

The highest number of births in the last decade was in 2012 with 42663 live births.

While the number of births fell, the rate of deaths increased in 2017.

In 2016, 20017 people passed away, compared with 20905 in 2017. This was an increase of 4.4%.

The two most common causes of death in Singapore were malignant neoplasms or cancerous tumours, and heart and hypertensive diseases, the ICA added.

These diseases were the cause for more than half of the deaths in 2017, with 52.8% of deaths caused by the ailments.

Lung and respiratory system diseases and cerebrovascular diseases were another two causes responsible for 22.8% and 6.3% of death cases respectively.

Unnatural causes such as accidents, suicides and other external causes made up 4%.

There were 17192 deceased persons in 2017 aged 60 and older.

There were also 94 infant deaths recorded last year.

More males passed away than females in 2017, with a ratio of 1191 males to 1000 females in terms of mortality.

Males registered a higher proportion in heart and hypertensive diseases and accidents, while females had suffered from kidney and urinary system disorders and cerebrovascular diseases.