One of the few remaining Blockbusters in the US is closing — take a look inside

Blockbuster Alaska

Fewer than a dozen Blockbuster Video stores still exist in the US, and one of them is closing.

The Blockbuster location in Eagle River, Alaska is going out of business, workers told Alaska Star on Wednesday.

At its peak in the early 1990s, Blockbuster had around 9,000 stores, The Washington Post reported. Most of the remaining Blockbusters are in Alaska, where frigid, long winters and expensive, slow Wi-Fi help keep the video rental store in business.

However, even in Alaska, the chain can’t live on forever.

“Technology is a fickle beast,” Kevin Daymude, the general manager for the seven remaining Blockbusters in Alaska, told the Alaska Star.

Many Americans haven’t seen a Blockbuster – much less gone inside – since the company filed for bankruptcy in 2010. For Blockbuster lovers desperately missing the store, and for video-rental virgins raised on Netflix, here’s what it’s like to visit one of the handful of remaining Blockbusters in the country.

The location in Eagle River, Alaska is one of the few Blockbuster locations left, but it’s set to close soon.

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Starting Thursday, the location is selling everything inside — from DVDs to posters to soda.

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If you drive through Alaska, you can still spot a handful of Blockbusters.

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You can’t miss the iconic blue and yellow sign.

This location in Anchorage is still encouraging people to join.

That's how true it is

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And it appears the membership cards haven’t changed at all.

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Inside, everything looks the same, with rows and rows of movies.


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#tbt but this blockbuster is real no joke yes we rented 3 movies tonight will be amazing

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On the plus side, Blockbuster is renting DVDs now, so you won’t have to rewind the tapes before returning them.

And yes, it has new releases …

… alongside some older options.

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Alaska’s long, snowy winters make curling up to watch a video rental a tempting proposition.

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There’s even a Blockbuster in North Pole — a small city near Fairbanks, about 1,700 miles south of the geographic North Pole.

There are also a handful of Blockbusters outside of Alaska.

When was the last time you saw a blockbuster?

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There’s a Blockbuster in Edinburg, Texas, that is apparently the last location in the state since the closure of a location in Mission last week.

4/20 time machine!

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There are a couple left in Washington.

Blockbuster and Chill?

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#Bend #Oregon is trapped in a timewarp where #blockbuster is still a thing. Oregon, where the 90s never left us…

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Still, these endangered Blockbusters can’t stay open forever.

Is Fairbanks, Alaska the last place with a fully functioning Blockbuster? They have two! So many memories.

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#Alaska is #America… #BlockBuster is open for business hahaha… Feel like it's 1999 all over again. #USA

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So if you want to visit the video-rental chain before it goes extinct, you better start preparing for your road trip.

Y'all look.. And it's POPPIN' This lady just returned a VHS like it was perfectly normal..

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