BTS is being criticised for ‘poor’ singing in a performance with Charlie Puth – and that’s not all the problems they have right now

Fans on Twitter have been debating over the band’s poor vocals in a recent concert, as well as a controversial atomic bomb shirt that resulted in the cancellation of a scheduled appearance on a Japanese music programme.
BTS Twitter

Enthused fans of hit K-pop band BTS were left disappointed after their performance with Charlie Puth on the song “Fake Love” at the 2018 MGA Awards in Seoul on Tuesday (Nov 6).

The main complaint on Twitter among fans were the singers’ unstable vocals, which fell short of the stellar live performances the band has a reputation for.

But some fans quickly found a potential reason why the performance fell short. According to an Instagram video by BTS’ producer, DOCSKIM, the wrong sound mix was played during the performance, forcing the singers to improvise on the spot.

One fan, who is a recording artist (according to her Twitter bio), even provided a breakdown of how this could have messed up the singing.

But BTS’ poor vocals weren’t the only source of their problems this week. The band also angered Japanese fans after a member was spotted wearing a T-shirt with slogans for  Korean liberation and a mushroom cloud on the back.

This was interpreted by some as supporting the use of atomic bombs against Japan in WWII.

Japanese television network TV Asahi cancelled the band’s scheduled appearance on the Nov 9 episode of popular music programme Music Station, Bloomberg reported.

BTS apologised to its Japanese fans in a statement for being unable to turn up on the show, but did not elaborate why.

Some Twitter users also tagged Unicef and the UN’s Twitter accounts, and questioned BTS’ status as Unicef goodwill ambassadors.

“BTS member Jimin was wearing a T-shirt with pictures of the atomic bombing in Japan. It is not acceptable and he should be ashamed of what he has done… they do not have a right to give a speech at UN,” one user posted.

Added another: “We do not know if he wore it on purpose, but he never apologised.”