BTS’ Singapore concert tickets are being sold for more than S$12,000 above retail price

Scalpers are reselling BTS’s Singapore concert tickets for as high as S$12,888.
Facebook / bangtan.official

With every highly-anticipated concert comes notorious scalpers. This time, they’re really pushing the boundaries – reselling K-pop boyband BTS’ concert tickets for as high as S$12,888.

Tickets for BTS’ concert in Singapore went on sale on Oct 27. But five days before that, hardcore fans had already started queuing, The New Paper reported. The tickets were eventually sold out within four hours after they went on sale, according to The Straits Times.

However, fans weren’t the only ones who devoted their time and effort to wait in line. Among them were scalpers looking for a quick profit.

StubHub, a ticket-exchange site, is one of the sites that tickets are being resold on. A screenshot by Twitter user minajoon shows that tickets were being resold for up to S$12,888 each.

A screenshot of BTS tickets being resold on StubHub.
Twitter / minajoons

The actual price of BTS’ most expensive ticket was S$348, excluding booking fees.

A search on StubHub shows that tickets are still being sold at hefty prices of up to S$4,440.

On other peer-to-peer platforms such as Carousell, prices typically range from S$500 to S$800, with some surging to over a thousand dollars.

A Carousell account paragonalize which is re-selling BTS concert tickets for S$1,200 each.
Screenshot / Carousell

Twitter user manhimochii tweeted a “scalpers expose thread”, revealing the exorbitant prices scalpers are charging fans via online chatting platforms such as Telegram and Line.

Here are pictures of alleged sponsors showing off stacks of BTS’ “Love Yourself” world tour tickets.

Twitter / minajoons

Twitter / vividdecember

These scalpers have enraged netizens who are criticising them for robbing genuine BTS fans of the opportunity to watch their idols perform.

But apparently, these scalpers are not remorseful. In fact, they are defending and justifying their actions.

The alleged scalper violently defended himself or herself, proudly declaring that he or she earned a S$3,600 profit from doing this.

Carouseller xiaofeng91’s sarcastic reply to criticism.
Twitter / manhimochii

Facebook user Justin Wong’s reply to criticism.
Twitter / Pacifist97

Netizens have come up with simple suggestions that both authorised ticket sellers and the public can implement to discourage scalpers from exploiting the ticket reselling system.

People’s comments on possible solutions to combat scalpers.
Facebook / The Smart Local

Some suggested following Ed Sheeran’s ticketing system, where names of buyers are printed on tickets, which will then be subjected to identification checks.

On Oct 27, the Singapore Police Force posted on Facebook reminding BTS fans to purchase tickets only from authorised sellers.