Bubble tea mooncakes and putu piring tea? Here are 11 must-try items at the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival fair

This year’s Takashimaya’s Mid Autumn Festival fair will be held from August 8 to September 13, 10am to 9.30pm daily.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

In the blink of an eye, it’s mooncake season again.

And when you live in a food-crazy country like Singapore, people are bound to have differing mooncake preferences. While some may stick to traditional baked mooncakes, others may prefer snowskin ones.

But with over 60 vendors from the hospitality and F&B industries set to take part in this year’s Takashimaya’s Mid-Autumn Festival fair – held from August 8 to September 13 – there’s bound to be a mooncake for everyone.

Because – let’s face it – in 2019, it’s no longer just about how delicious a mooncake is, but also how out-of-this-world it tastes, looks and is packaged.

We’ve rounded up the top 11 things – 10 mooncakes and a Singapore-inspired drink – you have to look out for at the extremely popular annual Takashimaya fair, so you won’t end up wandering (or more like getting pushed and shoved) around like a lost sheep.

1. Snowskin durian mooncake from Chang Ho Sek

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The Mao Shan Wang and D24 snow skin mooncakes from Chang Ho Sek pack an authentic punch, and left me craving for more.

According to Chang Ho Sek, pure durian flesh is used in the making of the mooncakes, so it’s a must-get for all durian lovers – especially since the durian season is coming to an end soon.

Prices: S$104 and S$90 for a box of four Mao Shan Wang and D24 snowskin mooncakes respectively

2. Snowskin bubble tea mooncake from Chang Ho Sek

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Of course, there’s a mooncake for bubble tea lovers as well. The snowskin mooncakes are infused with tea and come in two flavours: milk tea and matcha green tea.

As a bubble tea fan, I definitely wouldn’t mind having this as a substitute for the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival.

According to Chang Ho Sek, there’s actual tapioca pearls added into the mix too.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Mooncakes from Chang Ho Sek are packed in gorgeous and nostalgic tin boxes and tingkats (a traditional layered food carrier).

But those who want to try the bubble tea series from Chang Ho Sek will have to pre-order it as it will not be sold over-the-counter at the fair.

Price: S$81 for a box of four

3. Gold-dusted red date baked mooncake with pistachio, jambon de bayonne, sesame and salted egg from Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Just like its name, this mooncake from Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is quite a mouthful. Here’s the breakdown: one gold-dusted mooncake contains pistachio, jambon de bayonne (a French cured ham), red dates, sesame and salted egg.

I was surprised by the flavour of the cured ham, which went nicely with the other ingredients. Personally, this was the most interesting flavour of all the mooncakes I tried at the festival preview event.

To get your hands on one of these, you’ll have to purchase the Wan Hao Premium Gift Set, which consists of four gold-dusted mooncakes and a 375ml bottle of the highly-rated Chateau Rieussec Cru Classé Sauternes 2015 wine.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Only 200 gift sets are available, so grab them quick if you need to make a good impression on your boss or future parents-in-law.

Price: S$238 per box

4. Putu piring cold brew tea from Pryce Tea

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Need a drink to go with your mooncakes? We recommend the putu piring nitrogen-infused cold brew from Pryce Tea.

Putu piring, which is a Malay steamed rice flour cake filled with gula melaka (palm sugar), is a popular traditional dessert in Singapore that was recently featured on Netflix documentary Street Food.

The tea isn’t overly sweet, and is surprisingly very refreshing and appetising. It even made me crave for more mooncakes.

Price: S$25 for one tin with 15 sachets

5. Chocolate truffle mooncakes from Awfully Chocolate

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Homegrown brand Awfully Chocolate will also be churning out four chocolate truffle mooncakes this year, each with a different yolk center and varying chocolate intensities.

The flavours are:

  • Champagne dark chocolate with sour cherry yolk
  • Dark chocolate with espresso yolk
  • Chocolate sesame with green tea yolk
  • White chocolate lemon with orange marmalade yolk

I tried the dark chocolate with espresso yolk, and it tasted rich but not too sweet. This collection is a must-get for all chocolate lovers.

Price: S$88 for 8 pieces (two of each flavour)

6. Japanese mooncakes from Janice Wong

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Japanese mooncakes? These pastel-coloured delights are actually by Singaporean pastry chef Janice Wong.

According to Wong’s namesake brand, each of the nine snow skin mooncakes represent a specific prefecture of Japan and the flavours they are known for.

These include:

  • Kinako (roasted soy flour) from Hokkaido
  • Sweet potato from Tokushima
  • Ume (Asian plum) from Wakayama
  • Matcha (Japanese green tea) from Shizuoka
  • Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) from Kyoto
  • Azuki (red bean) from Mie / Aichii
  • Yuzu from Kochi
  • Chestnut from Kumamoto
  • Peanut from Chiba

Even though I didn’t get to try the mooncakes, they’re definitely going to be a pretty addition to anyone’s Instagram feed.

Price: S$65 for a box of nine

7. Brown sugar milk tea snowskin mooncake from Grand Hyatt Singapore

From left: brown sugar milk tea truffle, champagne truffle, matcha with red bean truffle and lychee martini truffle.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The second vendor jumping onto the bubble tea bandwagon is Grand Hyatt Singapore, which will be launching a brown sugar milk tea truffle snow skin mooncake.

The mooncake – infused with asam tea, gula melaka and milk – stayed true to its name and had a distinct milk tea flavour that millennials are sure to love.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The boxes also come in two colours – red or blue – and can be used as jewelry boxes after you’ve finished devouring the mooncakes.

Price: S$80 for a box of eight snowskin mooncakes

8. Blue pea flower cream cheese snowskin mooncakes from Conrad Centennial

From left: blue pea flower cream cheese, hazelnut crunch in white lotus, sweet potato in crispy filo pastry
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Other than having a unique Instagrammable blue and white colouring, the blue pea flower cream cheese snowskin mooncake from Conrad Centennial Singapore is a great dessert for sweet lovers, and especially those who don’t usually like traditional mooncake flavours such as lotus paste.

Burgundy red box (left) and emerald green box (right) from Conrad Centennial Singapore.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

This year, Conrad Centennial Singapore will be packing its mooncakes in luxurious-looking oriental jewellery chests. The multi-functional box comes in a selection of three colours: emerald green, burgundy red, and auspicious red.

Price: S$85 for a box of eight

9. Kaya truffle snowskin mooncake from Shangri-La

Yuzu sake truffle snowskin mooncake (left), kaya truffle snowskin mooncake (right).
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

When you’ve grown up in Singapore, kaya jam can be paired with (almost) everything. This year, Shangri-La will be selling its kaya truffle snowskin mooncakes that are just a notch sweeter than regular lotus ones.

I’m a die-hard fan of kaya jam, and would definitely recommend this to Singaporeans.

Shangri-La also has a yuzu sake truffle snowskin mooncake, for those who prefer a more citrusy taste.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Shangri-La’s boxes come in two colours – red or blue – and feature a beautiful country-style flower pattern.

Price: S$80 for a box of eight

10. Praline snowskin mooncake from Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Raspberry yoghurt with rosemary honey praline (left), mocha with rose liquor praline (top), coconut with champagne praline (bottom).
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

If the premium Wanhao set from Marriott Tang is too heavy on the wallet, you can also opt for their assorted snowskin mooncakes with praline cores.

The series comes in three flavours:

  • Coconut with champagne praline
  • Raspberry yoghurt with rosemary honey praline
  • Mocha with rose liquor praline

Personally, my favourite out of the three was the coconut with champagne praline, as its sweetness was balanced out by the more complex flavours of the champagne praline.

Price: S$72 for a box of eight

11. Raw milk gelato mooncakes from Icenoie Hokkaido

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Gelato lovers, this one’s for you.

Icenoie Hokkaido, which claims to make the top-selling ice cream in Japan’s north, is making its mooncake debut in Singapore through a series of six kawaii (cute) raw milk gelato mooncakes.

According to the company, the mooncakes, embossed with an image of a cow, are made with its signature 100 per cent Hokkaido raw milk without any additives.

The six available flavours are:

  • Matcha
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies and cream
  • Double cheese
  • Fresh milk
  • Fresh strawberry

Matcha (top left), double cheese (top right), fresh milk (bottom left), and chocolate (bottom right).
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Personally, the skin of the mooncakes were a bit too doughy for me but the gelato was top-quality and had strong, natural flavours.

If you’re interested in trying out these mooncakes, I recommend going for the stronger flavours such as matcha and double cheese.

Price $6 per piece

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