Can you go to work once the circuit-breaker ends? These are all the workplaces that can re-open from June 2

Office workers seen crossing Robinson Road in an empty CBD during the circuit-breaker on April 28, 2020.
The Straits Times

The end of Singapore’s circuit-breaker period is approaching, but the Government has made clear that many of its restrictions will continue to be enforced for the safety of the community.

On Tuesday (May 19), the multi-ministry taskforce said that while it has decided to allow the circuit-breaker to end on June 1, business operations and social activities will only be allowed to resume gradually in three phases.

It also cautioned that with more activities and interactions, Singapore is “likely to see a rise in new community cases”.

“What is critical is our ability to detect and contain these cases quickly, and prevent large clusters from forming,” the taskforce said, adding that re-opening will not mean returning to life as it was before the pandemic.

Under the first phase, which starts on June 2, re-opening will involve the progressive lifting of measures applicable to economic activities that do not pose high risk of Covid-19 transmission.

“Everyone should continue to leave home only for essential activities, and should wear a mask when doing so. As seniors are a particularly vulnerable group, they should continue to stay at home as much as possible,” the taskforce said.

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Employees should still work from home as much as possible

Besides the essential businesses that are already operating during the circuit-breaker,  businesses that operate in settings with lower transmission risks will also be allowed to resume operations from June 2.

However, the taskforce said telecommuting should still be adopted to the maximum extent, and employees should go to the office “only where it is demonstrably necessary”.

Employers must also put in place and enforce safe management measures at the workplace, and employees must adhere strictly to them, it added. Workplaces where rules are not followed will be closed.

Businesses with lower transmission risks include most manufacturing companies, motor vehicle servicing, aircon servicing, basic pet services, school bookshops and retail shops selling school uniforms. Hairdressers can also start offering all hairdressing services beyond basic haircuts.

It does not include most retail outlets and many personal services. Dining in at eateries is also still not allowed in phase one.

Here is the full list of business types that may re-open their workplaces once the circuit-breaker ends.

Ministry of Trade and Industry

You can also check if your workplace is allowed to re-open on June 2 via this website.

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