Capturing the business potential under The Belt and Road, Crown Principal launches “Elite Guardian” program for mainland enterprises

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HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – Jan 15, 2018 – Led by “ The Belt and Road “, more and more mainland enterprises have stepped into Hong Kong to explore investment opportunities. A clear-sighted local financial consulting firm, Crown Principal, now provides one-stop solution for mainland enterprises and individuals investing in Hong Kong. Services include advising on bank account opening, financing and insurances.


According to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics, nearly 3,500 mainland enterprises are approved to invest in Hong Kong in 2015, a 12 times boost from 10 years ago. However, when investing in Hong Kong, mainland enterprises and individuals often fail to be acquainted with the local financial regulations, economic system and law.


Due to the tightening regulations of financial outflows, mainland investors have to provide a large number of documents for the time-consuming and complicated application procedures for obtaining financial services such as opening a bank account, being granted a loan or buying insurances in Hong Kong. Some still fail to make it at the end. The lack of understanding in the local banking and insurance sectors results in a loop of wasting time in seeking around. The process of opening a bank account or applying for a loan with banks is complex and demanding for many local SMEs, needless to say SMEs from the mainland as many of them do not have collaterals in Hong Kong.


In recent years, Hong Kong insurance products are popular among mainland individuals and enterprises. However, the quality and professionalism of the insurance agents vary a lot. As reported in news, some of them even used fake academic qualification to enter into the industry. the failure to understand the local banking and insurance sectors result in a loop of wasting time in seeking around and disappointments.


Crown Principal considers their challenges as the development opportunities, targeting to be “Elite Guardian” of the mainland investors. With the rich experience of providing profession financial services Profession financial services for more than 300 corporate clients, Crown Principal launches the one-to-one customizedcustomized high-end services for mainland investors.

Creating a new standard of “elite guardian” with “family office” service

many families get affluent in China in the recent decades, however, the challenge of succession planning is unprecedented for them. With in-depth insight into the market, Crown Principal understands the worries of the high-end clients when it comes to the preservation of heritage. Thus, it introduces the high-end “family office” service to help customers to carry over their wealth to next generations. 


Designed by experts from different fields, “family office” program provides tailor-made and objective guidance on wealth preservation based on the family’s long-term goal. The program aims to enable family assets be smoothly carried over from generation to generation.


To learn more about the services mentioned above, including setting up company in Hong Kong, financing and “family office”, please refer to the company website or do not hesitate to have a one-on-one chat with our “elite ” now. (Email: Wechat ID: crown_principal)


Founder’s profile

Serene is the co-founder of Crown Principal. She graduated from the top business program in the world Global Business from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Afterwards, she was admitted to Management Trainee Program of one of the largest local commercial banks in Hong Kong, and quickly promoted to be manager within 3 years. At the same time, she passed all level 3 exams of CFA within two years. Furthermore, this year she passed the mainland national postgraduate exam and was admitted to the Chinese leading business institution – Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’s FMBA program.