YouTube star Casey Neistat flew first class with Wesley Snipes and Karlie Kloss — and proved it’s worth the splurge

Casey Neistat, director and Youtube star, speaks the ‘Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR)’ fair at the fair grounds in Hamburg, Germany, 3 March 2017.
Christian Charisius / DPA / PA Images

Casey Neistat is no stranger to first class.

Of his first class flight to Germany on Lufthansa, which he documented and shared on his YouTube channel this week, he told the camera: “Wasn’t that big a deal, I was able to use miles.”

He filmed his experience face-to-face in the style typical to his vlogging (video blogging) that has earned him over seven million subscribers.

The extravagant trip was unsurprising to fans of Neistat’s videos, who watch him fly around the globe several times a month, or even a week. A blogger who watched all of Neistat’s vlogs estimated that the YouTuber had travelled almost 200,000 miles in 12 months – a total of 85 flights.

In Neistat’s videos, which follow the director/entrepreneur’s jetsetting life, he is always sure to dedicate segments to the flights he takes, be they good or bad.

The video published on Monday, shown below, is certainly a case of the former.

Viewers tour the opulent Lufthansa lounge with their host, who takes them upstairs to find American actor Wesley Snipes eating a meal in the “Fine Dining” area. Turns out he’s a fan of Neistat’s channel.

He then bumps into friend and supermodel Karlie Kloss, obviously.

Finally on the plane, the scene is envy-inducing, to say the least. He has enough legroom to do keepie uppies, and the pilot even comes out to greet the first class passengers.

Neistat looks at the menu, which includes caviar service, but he doesn’t want dinner since he ate so much in the lounge.

He’s given “swag” which includes a bespoke toiletry set, slippers, and pyjamas.

“I slept like a baby,” Neistat says after a night’s rest in the fully reclining Lufthansa bed.

The video ends with this slide of text:

neistat lufthansa review

CaseyNeistat / YouTube

Neistat wants to show normal people what it’s like to travel beyond their means, and his reviews do not always suggest that first class is worth the payout.

However, if you have air miles to spare or you’re just really rich, the Lufthansa experience looks utterly idyllic.