Here are the best photos of celebrities taking in the eclipse

Instagram/Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Millions of Americans were captivated by the total solar eclipse on Monday, taking in the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon as it passed over the United States.

Celebrities joined in on the fun as well, lighting up social media with pictures and videos of the spectacle.

Here are some of the best celebrity eclipse posts:

Lady Gaga:

Total eclipse vibes

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Zachary Quinto:

before totality. seriously.

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Lance Bass:

Elizabeth Banks

Guys! #eclipse2017

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

Getting ready for tomorrow's solar eclipse #eclipse. Does anybody know totality time?

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Bill Nye:

Members of the Philadelphia Eagles watched together:

Odell Beckham Jr. may or may not have been blinded:

Dwayne Johnson had another theory for what caused the eclipse:

And Paris Hilton barely had to say anything at all: