Cher just illustrated the biggest issue facing Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand in one tweet

Alberto E. Rodriguez

Cher just called out Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand, Fabletics.

The entertainer – who is famously excellent at expressing herself via Twitter – told her 3.09 million (and counting) followers that she did not have a good experience when she was shopping at Fabletics.

Here’s what she said:

Cher, like the retail-savvy Kanye West before her, raises an interesting point.

Fabletics’ parent company, JustFab requires consumers to sign up for subscriptions – called VIP memberships – in order to get its apparel at such affordable prices. After signing up, each VIP is billed on a monthly basis.

The subscription method itself has come under fire; in September, a lengthy BuzzFeed report shed light on the fact that many consumers felt duped and found it extremely hard to end their memberships. People also called it a scam.


The company has taken several measures to fix its problems and its reputation. It planned an audit last fall, and Corporate Marketing Officer Shawn Gold told Business Insider in May that the company made sure it had lots of notifications to let people know that they were signing up for the memberships.

But perhaps the many notifications are backfiring.

Gold also told Business Insider that the company was testing online cancellations – chief among customer complaints was that consumers had to call in to cancel their memberships.

Still, the process of shopping at Fabletics is a little long. First, you have to take a multiple-question quiz about your style. Below are two of several questions that shoppers answer before even seeing the apparel on sale.



But many people are rallying behind Cher’s tweet, saying they had similar experiences. Further, the complaints that have come after the tweet send a resounding truth echoing through the walls of the internet: Even if Fabletics has taken multiple steps to improve its business, a lot of consumers still haven’t changed the way they perceive the brand.

One person suggested Cher start her own line:

In the meantime, Fabletics has plans to open up to 100 brick-and-mortar stores over the next three years. Gold told Business Insider in May that the stores would be more akin to showrooms.

Gold released the following statement to Business Insider:

“First of all, we LOVE Cher! So bummed she did not like our member quiz. The introductory quiz helps us better understand our customers and personalize the shopping experience. By asking shoppers for their style and size preferences, we’re able to save our customers tons of money and eliminate waste. We try only produce the clothing that people want. It is true that some people don’t like to shop this way, but there are over 1 million active customers of Fabletics who love it. I wish we could turn back time and explain all this to Cher.”