China’s largest film distributor Bona Film Group just opened its first overseas cineplex in Malaysia

Bona Cinemas in Resorts World Genting is the first out of China and will showcase a full range of films.
Resorts World Genting

China’s largest film distributor Bona Film Group opened its first overseas cinema in Malaysia’s Resorts World Genting on Sunday (Feb 25).

The new Bona Cinemas is housed in the resort’s upcoming 20th Century Fox theme park.

Visitors would be able to watch the latest films and experience the movies through theme park rides in close proximity.

The cineplex was inaugurated at a star-studded opening ceremony, with group chairman Yu Dong and Bona Cinema chairman Wang Yi who had specially flown from China to be there.

A special screening of Operation Red Sea, co-produced and co-funded by the Bona Film Group was included as part of the red carpet event. The film has grossed over $330 million in China to date.

“My vision for the Bona Cinema is not only for Resorts World Genting. I also plan to open on in Kuala Lumpur and other states in Malaysia too,” said Yu in a Malay Mail report.

He added that Resorts World Genting was considered to be an ideal location to open the group’s first out of China cinema due to the potential of the Malaysian-Chinese entertainment market as well as the synergy with the upcoming 20th Century Fox theme park.

Resorts World Genting’s draw as a popular tourist destination to the Chinese and the resort’s myriad of entertainment options for people of all ages were also cited as reasons that led to the group’s opening of Bona Cinemas there.

Bona Cinemas at Resorts World Genting currently has four operating cinema halls, and plans are in the works to incorporate two additional halls – a 48-seat VIP theatre and a 250-seat IMAX theatre – in August 2018.

According to Resorts World Genting’s official website, the cinemas are fitted with state-of the-art seats, advanced projection technology and the Dolby Atmos sound system – touted as “next generation audio for cinema” – among many other offerings of comfort.

A full range of films will be showcased including Hollywood blockbusters, Chinese historical epics and Malaysian films.