China launches ‘hold your mother’s hand’ campaign – and President Xi Jinping is fronting it

When was the last time you held your mother’s hand?

If you don’t recall, then China’s newest social media campaign is for you.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is seen holding his mother’s hand in this photo used for a new “Hold your mother’s hand” campaign run on state media.

The campaign titled “Hold your mother’s hand” is fast becoming one of Chinese social media’s top trending topics, with state media and celebrities publicising it on their accounts.

On its page dedicated to the campaign, China’s national press agency Xinhua encouraged readers to hug their mothers and hold their hands.

Text at the top of the page read: “How long has it been since you told your mom what’s in your heart? How long has it been since you ate a meal prepared by mom? How long as it been since you took a walk with mom? How long has it been since you held mom’s hand? When you return home this Spring Festival, give her a hug, and give yourself some warmth.”

A video produced for the campaign was obviously targeted at urban workers who moved out of their parents’ homes to earn a living in big cities.

In one scene, a photo of Xi Jinping, 64, holding his 91-year-old mother’s hand appears. At the same time, his voice can be heard reciting a Tang poem about a mother’s sacrifices.

After several scenes of women doting on their children and waiting in their homes, these urban workers of different ages return home to give their mothers a hug.

It is probably not a coincidence that a separate campaign launched on Feb 18 also used the same photo of China’s president holding his mother’s hand.

The earlier video campaign, titled “Family-state realm” or “Family world” depicts Xi in various caring or nurturing roles.

A voiceover on the video says:

“This pair of hands can bring the warmth of love to family. It can also spread this love to the hearts of many people. This pair of legs can give a family happiness and companionship. It can also penetrate the crowd and give everyone better progression.

Sina video screengrab

“These shoulders are a family’s warm haven. They are also able to bravely carry the noble ideals of a revival for the people.

Sina video screengrab

At the end of the video, the narrator affirms Xi’s image as a father of the nation by saying:

” Loving the people like loving one’s family members, and loving the country like loving the family unit. A home is the smallest country, and a country is tens of millions of homes.”