China’s popular cafe Nayuki is coming to town – featuring Insta-worthy cheese fruit tea and cute bread

A popular cheese tea bakery cafe from China is opening at VivoCity at the end of the year.

Yet another tea outlet is popping up in Singapore.

Under a joint venture with BreadTalk Group, China-based cheese tea bakery cafe Nayuki is opening its first overseas store at Vivocity in early December this year.

Nayuki has over 100 stores across China, even making national news by opening three stores in 33 days in 2015.

The cafe prides itself on a young and modern concept, styled to keep China’s long-lived tea-drinking tradition vibrant and alive amongst the younger generation.

An outlet in Chongqing.

An outlet in Shajin, Shenzhen.

The brand claims that it is the perceived pioneer of the fruit tea and soft-euro bread pairing concept.

Signature items are the Supreme Cheese Strawberry tea and Strawberry fresh cream bread.

Supreme Cheese Strawberry tea and Strawberry fresh cream bread.

Due to the popularity of these products, the brand even invested in a strawberry field in China to ensure a supply of high quality strawberries all year round.

The brand also offers “Alisan mountain dew tea”, which is brewed from tea buds that are handpicked before sunrise when the leaves are still covered in morning dew. They are then roasted at a low temperature for 40 hours to bring out its floral scent.

Alisan Mountain Dew Tea.

The brand also serves cold brew tea, where tea leaves are steeped for eight hours, then chilled before serving.

Cold Brew Tea.

The brand’s cups are supposed to be “moulded to fit the grip of a smaller, more delicate Asian hand”.

Additionally, the cups’ lids are carved to prevent lipsticks stains on the cup, and straws are not needed.

A cheese fruit tea and soft bread combo already sounds tempting. But will these sweet treats stand out against the existing tea brands here?