Police are investigating a Chinese woman who screamed and then bit a stranger on a train in Chongqing

The woman attacked the man despite both of them not knowing each other.
Video screengrab

A woman in southwest China caused a subway train to be evacuated after she started biting a fellow passenger, local media reported on Thursday (July 19).

Police and railway staff in Chongqing were forced to intervene and remove the woman, who they said had been suffering “relationship problems with her husband”.

The 56-year-old man was left bleeding and needed hospital treatment for his injuries. He was not thought to be known to the woman.

A video of the incident published by Chongqing Morning Post showed the woman, straddling the seated man, gripping him in her arms and biting into his neck at about 1pm on Wednesday as he tries to fight her off.

After the man escaped her grasp, she fell to the floor and started tearing her clothing.

Another video from Thepaper.cn showed the woman acting strangely and screaming before she started to attack the man.

The 36-year-old female attacker screamed before biting the man.
Video screengrab

Chongqing Rail Transit issued a statement at about 6pm saying the 36-year-old woman lost control of herself due to problems in her marriage.

Subway staff evacuated passengers at Jinzhu station and called the police, who are now investigating the matter, the statement continued.