Seahawks running back front flips while hurdling a defender, lands on his feet, and continues running in one of the coolest highlights of the NFL season


  • Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson hurdled a defender and got flipped while in the air.
  • Carson somehow managed to land on his feet and continue running.

NFL running backs have increasingly gotten better at hurdling defenders, but the Seattle Seahawks’ Chris Carson took it to a new level on Sunday.

In the third quarter, Carson broke free down the middle and tried to hurdle Panthers safety Eric Reid. But as Carson jumped, he hit Reid coming head-on and his momentum caused him to flip forward.

Instead of crashing to the ground violently, Carson stuck the landing, bracing to get his balance before taking off again.

We give it a 10.

Carson might have been down when he landed, but we can look past that.

The next step for running backs will be to cleanly front flip over defenders and keep running.