ComfortDelGro orders yet another batch of new taxis, and this time it’s more than double the number of the last order

ComfortDelGro Taxi will call a tender for the supply of 500 more taxis.
The Straits Times

Just one week after it had announced the purchase of 200 new taxis, ComfortDelGro is looking for a fresh supply of vehicles.

The taxi giant placed a tender notice in The Straits Times last Friday (May 11) to source for 500 petrol-electric hybrid sedans.

The initial order of the 200 was the company’s first order of new vehicles in almost 18 months, with the latest surprisingly coming in quick succession.

They will serve as not only additions to ComfortDelGro’s fleet, but also as replacements for older cabs.

The new vehicles are expected to be delivered over the next 16 months, and will bring the total number of taxis in ComfortDelGro’s fleet to about 13,500.

ComfortDelGro’s tender notice for 500 petrol-electric hybrid sedans was published last Friday.
The Straits Times

In the past few months, the taxi industry has undergone a revival of sorts.

In April, ComfortDelGro Taxi signed on about 300 new drivers – close to double the same period last year. Drivers have also been taking on about 9% more bookings and jobs than they did in 2017.

In their first-quarter financial results announcement last Friday, ComfortDelGro directors said they expect the taxi business to stabilise with the rationalisation of the competition landscape in Singapore.

ComfortDelGro managing director/group CEO Mr Yang Ban Seng said: “With the reduced subsidy and incentives for drivers and riders by ride-hailing apps operators, and the Authority’s review of regulations for private hire vehicles, we believe that the competition will be on a more level playing field going forward. This is a positive development.”