Coney dogs and suspended playgrounds – here are 5 things Singapore can look forward to in 2018

Okay, so things were a little chaotic in 2017.

From the rise of Bitcoin, to MRT breakdowns and shake-ups in the food scene (think nasi lemak burger, Gong Cha and Llaollao), there were many things which made this year a memorable one.

But not to worry, 2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting one with more changes expected on our little island.

Here are five things that we can look forward to seeing in Singapore in 2018.

Time to sing Auld Lang Syne once more!

1) Singapore employees could get a 2.7% real wage increase 

Singapore professionals can expect to see a real salary increase of 2.7% in the coming year, after factoring in inflation, according to data gathered by ECA International.

When compared to the rest of Asia, Singapore sits at ninth spot, and is ahead of Hong Kong.

This is despite the fact that over the past few years, inflation in Singapore increased while nominal salary increases have stayed flat.

2) Quieter Changi Airport

Travellers walking past a flight information display board at Changi Airport Terminal 3 departure hall.
The Straits Times

Travellers at Changi Airport can look forward to more quiet time as the airport aims to reduce the number of announcements by 50 per cent in 2018.

The Changi Airport Group (CAG) recently announced that it would no longer make final call announcements, and will cease the paging of specific passengers from Jan 1 at all four of its terminals.

From 2018, the only announcements you will hear are those pertaining to emergencies, lost and found children and passports, flight delays and gate and belt changes.

This means travellers will need to be more alert and know when it is time to pull themselves away from duty-free shops so they can board their flights on time.

3) A&W to return to Singapore

Singaporeans no longer have to travel across the causeway to satisfy their cravings for curly fries, Coney dogs and root beer floats.

American fast-food restaurant A&W, which was introduced to Singapore way before McDonald’s and KFC but exited the country in 2003, is making a comeback in 2018.

A&W Restaurants’ chief executive Kevin Bazner confirmed this in July 2017, adding that the group plans to open between five and 10 stores in the region every year.

4) Suspended net playground at City Square Mall

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Singapore is getting another world’s first with the opening of a suspended net playground in City Square Mall in the first quarter of the new year.

Called the Airzone project, the new playground will allow you to play on safety nets and high wire designed for trapeze and circus acts – provided you weigh less than 120kg.

Spread across six levels, Airzone will be able to accomodate up to 20 people per level, and a maximum of 60 people at any one time.

Some of the most exciting features include a suspended ball pit with more than 10,000 balls, slides between levels, a maze and more.

5) A new mobile service provider joins the game

2018 will be the year competition heats up in the mobile services space here.

In November 2017, fibre broadband operator MyRepublic said it would likely launch its mobile services in the early part of the new year.

The company’s CEO Malcolm Rodrigues was cited by The Straits Times as saying that MyRepublic had already signed a deal to buy airtime in bulk from one of the dominant telcos.

While he denied revealing price plans, Mr Rodrigues said the company plans on “being very competitive”.