‘Deport this monster’: US netizens are cheering after controversial vlogger Amos Yee got banned from Facebook and Twitter for promoting paedophilia

The high-profile Singaporean vlogger was granted asylum by the US in 2017.
The Straits Times
  • Amos Yee, an infamous Singaporean vlogger and US asylee, has had five social media accounts pulled after using them to promote paedophilia.

  • Yee actively defends paedophiles online, and tried to recruit more people to join his cause.

  • Melissa Chen, the human-rights activist who helped him secure asylum, said she now regrets her decision.

  • US netizens – many of whom reported Yee’s posts to Facebook and Twitter – are calling for him to be deported.

An infamous vlogger from Singapore has just been cut off by social media giants Facebook and Twitter for promoting paedophilia on their sites.

Including banned YouTube and WordPress accounts and a disabled Patreon account, this means all of Amos Yee’s social media access has been rescinded, with the sole exception of Instagram.

Yee, 19, was granted asylum in the US in 2017, after serving 55 days’ jail for posting religiously offensive YouTube videos in multiracial Singapore.

Twitter users celebrated online after Yee’s ban was implemented on Saturday (Dec 8), with many commenting how they had finally “got him”.

The ban comes after numerous complaints about Yee’s tweets, the latest of which featured a photo of a young girl on Dec 6.

Yee – whose bio read: “I defend paedophiles publicly on the Internet” – asked in the caption: “How does one not become a paedophile?”

Apart from Twitter, Yee’s Facebook page, WordPress blog and Patreon fundraising account were also disabled.

A reproduction of his Dec 9 Facebook post – the last before the ban – showed the vlogger recruiting new members for a “pedo-friendly” Discord server he had been running for weeks.

In the supposed post, reproduced on Reddit, Yee allegedly asked interested parties to send him a private message detailing their views on paedophilia and “how big of an Amos Yee fan” they were in order to gain access.

Reddit screenshot

He added that members would get free lessons to on how to defend paedophiles more convincingly.

“Amos actively tries to find (and) recruit new members into (the) server… either people who already defend pedophiles or are open-minded to have their mind changed about the topic,” the post read.

The vlogger subsequently revealed on Twitter (also shortly before getting banned) that the server had been deleted by Discord, and all those in it had their accounts wiped.

Twitter screenshot

Instagram is the sixth and last social media site Yee can access.

His YouTube account, which contained pro-paedophilia videos dating back to 2017, was taken down earlier in May.

In them, Yee claimed sexual abuse was determined by consent, not age, and society’s “inhumane” discrimination of pedophiles had led some of them to commit suicide.

After YouTube killed his channel, the vlogger then took to Facebook to express thankfulness for the account, adding that he had roughly the same number of followers on Facebook as on YouTube.

“The only problem is most of my audience (on Facebook) is Singaporean, the most irrelevant group of people in the world,” he added.

Youtube screenshot

“Vile little thing”: Netizens, asylum patron call for Yee’s deportation

Following the new bans by Facebook and Twitter, Melissa Chen – a US-based human rights activist who helped Yee obtain asylum – did an abrupt U-turn and said in a strongly-worded video that he should be deported.

In the 10-minute clip, Chen called Yee “a stain on the human race”, said his brilliance was “vastly overstated”, and apologised personally for how he had turned out.

The teen had betrayed “basic human decency” and “innocent children everywhere”, she added.

“While I disagree with how he was treated and dealt with as a child, it’s become clear that Amos cannot be granted any platform to air his horrendously harmful views,” Chen said.

“Today, my conscience does weigh really heavy due to Amos going down the rabbit hole… I am compelled to say that Amos needs to be deported, and if he in the process gets sent back to jail in Singapore… I find it extremely difficult to sympathise,” she added.

On Twitter, many Americans also  expressed hopes that Yee would be deported, with one commenter adding that he didn’t even “wish him to any county“.

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