Controversial vlogger Amos Yee, who was granted asylum in the US, has been banned from Facebook and Twitter for promoting paedophilia

Singaporean vlogger Amos Yee was granted asylum in the US in 2017.
The Straits Times
  • Amos Yee, the infamous vlogger who was first jailed in Singapore for his religiously-offensive videos in 2015, has had his Twitter and Facebook accounts pulled after using them to promote paedophilia.

  • Yee was banned from YouTube earlier in May for a series of videos he made championing paedophile rights.

  • His WordPress and Patreon accounts, as well as a private “pedo-friendly” server he was running, have all been disabled.

  • Melissa Chen, the human-rights activist who helped Yee secure asylum in the US, has said she now hopes he will be deported back.

An infamous vlogger from Singapore has just been cut off by social media giants Facebook and Twitter for posting pro-paedophilia messages online.

Including banned YouTube and WordPress accounts and a disabled Patreon account, most of Amos Yee’s social media avenues have been removed – with the exception of his Instagram page.

Yee, 19, was granted asylum in the US in 2017 after serving 55 days in jail in Singapore for uploading videos containing offensive words and gestures towards Christians and Muslims.

Twitter ban

Yee’s Twitter ban was implemented on Saturday (Dec 8) after numerous complaints from users about his tweets, the latest which included a picture of a young girl posted on Thursday (Dec 6), the Daily Mail reported.

Yee’s Twitter bio read: “I defend paedophiles publicly on the Internet”.

Twitter screenshot


Yee’s WordPress blog and Patreon account (a fund-raising platform for creatives) were also disabled.

Facebook ban

Yee has also been banned from Facebook, and his page is no longer available.

According to a report by AsiaOne, his last Facebook post was uploaded on Sunday (Dec 9). A supposed reproduction of the post on Reddit showed Yee was recruiting new members for his “pedo-friendly” server.

Reddit screenshot

In the post, Yee allegedly asked potential members to send him a message detailing their views on paedophilia and “how big of an Amos Yee fan” they were.

“Amos actively tries to find (and) recruit new members into (the) server… either people who already defend pedophiles or are open-minded to have their mind changed about the topic,” the post wrote.

It added that Yee was offering free lessons, teaching members how to sound more convincing when standing up for paedophiles.

The server has since been removed.

Twitter screenshot

Previous YouTube ban

This is not the first time Yee has been banned from social media for his vocal support of paedophilia. He has posted videos defending paedophiles on his YouTube account since 2017, which resulted in his account being taken down in May.

Youtube screenshot

In the videos, Yee claimed sexual abuse is determined by consent, not age, and society’s “inhumane” discrimination of pedophiles led some of them to commit suicide.

Following these videos, Melissa Chen – the US-based human rights activist who helped Yee obtain asylum status in the States – said Yee should be deported from America.

“Some repulsive ideas generate too much negative externalities, and especially when these externalities involve the welfare of children, I think society cannot allow them to have free reign,” Chen said in a Facebook video.

Social Media Backlash

Many Twitter users in America expressed their relief that Yee’s accounts had been pulled.

Some even hoped the US would deport him back to his hometown.

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