Crazy Rich Asians’ first movie trailer has received mixed responses from Singapore social media users – here’s what they’re saying

The first trailer for Crazy Rich Asians has drawn mixed reactions from Asians and people in Singapore with many calling out blatant stereotypes.
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures dropped the first trailer for its new movie Crazy Rich Asians to much fanfare on Monday (April 23) with its all-Asian cast, colourful scenes of Singapore and Malaysia.

In fact, it’s an Asian-centric project that’s not been done in Hollywood in many years.

The film is directed by Jon M. Chu, and features a star-studded cast including American actress Constance Wu, Singapore-based TV presenter Henry Golding, and Singaporeans  like Pierre Png, Fiona Xie and Tan Kheng Hua.

The overall reception on social media, at least in Singapore, has been a mixed bag with many extremely excited by the upcoming romantic-comedy and others left unhappy by what they say is an inaccurate portrayal of the country.

There are complaints that it lacks the presence of Singapore’s colloquial language, Singlish, has an absence of Singapore’s minority races and also depicts Singapore as a filthy rich society.


There are also those who have compared the movie to Marvel’s Black Panther, another movie that has been receiving praise for shedding light on African-American issues as well as its choice of casting.

Not everyone seems to agree with this lot though and some social media users have even suggested the lack of relevance in the comparison: