Daisy Ridley shows off her Jedi skills for next ‘Star Wars’ movie in training footage

Daisy Ridley.

In case you were wondering what Daisy Ridley has been up to since the incredible success of her breakout movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” she’s been working on her Jedi skills.

Here Ridley posted a video on Instagram of her doing wushu martial arts training (which is certainly related to the moves she’ll have honed in the next “Star Wars” movie), using what looks like a practice lightsaber.

Fun side note: The person who shot the video is stuntman Liang Yang, who is best known in “Star Wars” lore as cult favorite TR-8R, a stormtrooper in “The Force Awakens.”

“Star Wars: Episode VIII,” the sequel to “Force Awakens,” opens in theaters December 15, 2017.