Delays hit MRT commuters on Friday morning due to train signalling faults

SMRT officials helping affected commuters plan their alternative routes during the Friday morning rush
Source: The Straits Times

Signalling faults are again to blame after commuters on the MRT experienced delays during the Thursday evening and Friday morning peak hours.

Delays on Thursday evening were caused by signalling faults on the North-South line (NSL), while Friday morning’s delays were attributed to faults on both the NSL and Downtown line (DTL).

On Friday morning, SMRT warned its commuters to add up to “45 minutes train travel time” on its Twitter page, while SBS posted similar updates.

Both companies apologised for the delays on their social media pages, and provided commuters with free shuttle bus services during the travel breakdown period. They also advised the morning crowd seek out other means of transportation, or alternative MRT routes.

MRT stations along the affected lines saw huge crowds as a result, with office-goers scrambling to get onto free bus services or a taxi.

The crowd at Ang Mo Kio MRT station after the train faults were announced.
Source: The Straits Times

SMRT announced that the faults on the North-South line was fully restored at 9:23am, while SBS’s downtown line was in full operational capacity by 9:00am this morning.

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