Dentsu’s ‘by mothers for mothers’ agency sets up HQ in Singapore


From left: Merlee Cruz-Jayme, Chairmom and Chief Creative Officer of MamaLab APAC and MamaLab Philippines; Leah van Zelm, Head of CRM MamaLab Singapore; and Elisabeth Natalia, Head of Business MamaLab Indonesia.


Japanese advertising and public relations giant Dentsu’s new specialist “for moms by moms” unit has set up its headquarters at Guoco Tower on Wallich Street in Singapore.

MamaLab, which originated in Japan, is an agency focusing solely on marketing solutions targeting the mother demographic across Singa­­­pore, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. The company also plans to roll out the full solutions network in India and China, where only strategic support is currently offered.

The specialist network launched in Singapore on Sep 6 operates as a full-service marketing solutions network and is headed by Merlee Jayme, a mother of four.

It will also bring to the table “strategic insights and creative input on mothers and motherhood” from around the region.

“Mothers are a tough target market. As mothers are often the main decision maker for families, marketers need to truly understand what motivates and inspires moms of different ages, cultures and personalities,” she said.

According to Dentsu, MamaLab will offer “a flexible, family-friendly working environment” for its employees.

It will utilise MamaNavi, which is a strategic planning tool powered by SenseAsia, Dentsu’s proprietary brand health intelligence platform.