Oregon basketball player pulls off hilariously dramatic flop while attempting to draw a foul

Dramatic flops are nothing new in basketball, but Oregon’s Dillon Brooks may have raised the bar.

On Thursday, in Oregon’s 73-67 win over Utah, Brooks was called for a foul white trying to defend a drive.

However, after hearing the whistle, before the call was made, Brooks tried to sell the contact with the Utah player, throwing himself backward and even jumping in the air.

Unfortunately for him, the referees had already called the foul, nullifying one of the all-time great flops.

Oregon’s Dillon Brookswith the worst, most egregious flop ever committed pic.twitter.com/x7kFzvLsfK

pic.twitter.com/x7kFzvLsfKJanuary 27,2017

Brook’s egregious attempt likely won’t help his cause in the future with referees.